The purpose of providing such bonuses is banal simple - to attract new customers and increase the confidence of existing players, a kind of "bait" for beginners.

Each of the rounds of the game consists of three stages:

  1. The user selects the desired bet size.
  2. Presses the SPIN button.
  3. Receives a PROFIT

Under normal circumstances, for any rotation you need to bet, but in the case of free spins, the specified number of spins is free.

Each such rotation has its own denomination. For example, if you got 15 free spins for $ 2 each, then you can spin the drum 15 times at a rate of $ 2 per spin for free.

Sometimes players and people who are just interested, have a reasonable question - why does the casino put conditions for wagering, and even so harsh? The truth is this: the casino expects the client to lower all their profits while they wager their bonus. Sometimes expectations and reality coincide, sometimes not, although sometimes users “raise” even larger amounts in the course of wagering. Sometimes it happens. On the other hand, if there was no wager at all or its size was negligible, all the playing fields would have gone bankrupt a long time ago, because then all bonus wins will most likely go to the user irrevocably. Of course, casino owners are unlikely to be delighted with this alignment.

Accrual of prize spins, as a rule, occurs in two situations:

  1. After registering at the online casino
  2. For existing customers, as a bonus for subsequent replenishment, or as a reward for participating in various tournaments.

In the first case, it is a generous gift that the institution gives to beginners. More and more establishments are resorting to this type of promotion. As for the second point, in order to calculate free spins you need to be an active user and keep an eye on new promotions. The order, methods of launching bonus spins and other aspects are governed by the rules of a particular machine. Free spins can start in different ways.

The most common options are:

• Scatters - In the majority of five-reel slot machines, free spins start when at least 3 Scatter symbols appear on the screen in any sections. Sometimes they are only on three reels. From time to time, the scatter can be caught in all columns; the main condition is that they line up from the first column to the fifth.

• Cumulative system - Often there are machines where you need to collect different objects during normal scrolling. When the necessary amount is gained, the time for free spins comes.

• Prize - Periodically, spins are played out in the bonus round. It can be a reward on a wheel of fortune or a find from a treasure chest.

• Sudden start - Some types of slots can give the user a surprise in the form of an unexpected launch of free spins.

• Purchase - Yes, sometimes free spins can be bought. Recently, this function is found all the time. The bottom line is simple: the player has the opportunity at any time to purchase the desired number of free spins, and their price, of course, is determined by the size of the desired bet.

Number of Free Spins

Usually, a player receives at least five free spins. The maximum number can reach several tens (10, 20, 30 rotations). In addition, under certain circumstances, free spins can be extended. Possible renewal options by examples:

Fixed number - 3, 4 or 5 scatters allow you to additionally scroll the drum 10 times.

An indefinite number - the draw continues until the fulfillment of specific conditions. If this is a story slot, then until the protagonist runs out of life. Or until some scale is filled.

By the number of scatters - 3, 4 or 5 scatters mean 10, 20 or 30 prize spins, respectively, depending on the casino.

Free Spins Bet Size

Of course, many users would like to raise bets to the maximum, but, unfortunately, or maybe fortunately, the casino regulations prohibit this. Often, the bet amount and the number of active lines remain the same as they were in the extreme paid scrolling and it is impossible to change them until the end of the current stage. The accumulative system takes into account all bets made during the current game. Based on them, the relative amount is calculated.

In slots with the ability to purchase spins, the user independently sets the rate. And the higher the stakes, the more you will have to pay for participating in the draws.