Today we’ll talk about one of the most common bonuses offers from online casinos. About what free spins are, what are the principles of their action, and what should be considered when wagering - read in our article.

They are a way to encourage and attract new customers. Most often they are provided for registration at an online casino.

Consider an example. You have signed up at some online-casino.com and got free spins. The institution offers 25 spins at a rate of 3 dollars. We look at the wager. He shows x40. Therefore, after using them, you need to put down all the winnings at least 40 times. Accordingly, if you made 25 spins and won $400 then, you will need to put them down according to this simple equation - 400 * 40 = 16 000, where 16 000 is the sum of all bets, which allows you to get a win. As you can understand, this task is not easy.

Advantages and disadvantages


  • Gratuitous accrual. You just need to register and verify your account.
  • A chance to look at the functionality of the site before deciding on a recharge.
  • Withdraw funds. Profit can be derived after the requirements of the institution.


  • The institution offers a game on a specific machine - the user will not be able to choose a slot for scrolling.
  • Fixed rate bets. Often the minimum bid is determined, which is impossible to raise
  • Short term. After a couple of days, free spins are canceled if they are not used on time.
  • Wagering. Money won must be put down the required number of times, otherwise it will not work out.

Whatever it was, but to determine the perfect prize slot is an extremely difficult task, since everyone has different preferences. There are several optimal options that can help you choose the best machines.

Helpful hints:

  1. Try to find machines with limit RTP indexes. In short, this is the percentage of money returned to the player. Among other things, this is an indicator of how much money the client returns for each unit of currency invested in the slot. For example, one euro, dollar, pound and so on. Consider the volatility and variation. These terms in slot machines usually mean probable risks in the game. When they say that the one is volatile, it means that it can give out big wins, but it will also take bets accordingly. Symbolically, all machines are divided into 3 types of returns:
  2. High volatility
  3. Average volatility
  4. Low volatility
  5. In many game machines, free spins are the most attractive feature. For example, it is not uncommon to find slots with low returns, but they make it possible to break a big jackpot in the process of free spins. Use only licensed software from well-known developers. Carefully study the rules for conducting bonus promotions and carefully understand all the subtleties and features that may not be visible at first glance. Play responsibly.