Among all kinds of playgrounds on the network, those that are able to give visitors a guarantee of fair play come to the fore. It is difficult to find a more reliable guarantee than a real person, whose maneuvers can be monitored as if you were actually present there. Based on this, gaming sites with live croupiers began to appear, giving users the chance to play with a person, not a computer.

An online casino with a live dealer is a rapidly growing trend, so to speak, a complete replacement for a classic casino, unless there is no need to leave the house, but even get up from your favorite sofa. Today, the services of live croupiers are offered by most well-known establishments that suffer rather tangible expenses for the convenience of their customers: because in order for their client to play with a live dealer, they rent or acquire specialized premises, equip them with all kinds of equipment and pay salaries to the croupier and staff.

Of course, playing with a dealer, it is impossible to fully replace the experience of playing in a traditional casino. And all due to the fact that the main work lies on the shoulders of a well-known artificial intelligence. It captures the loss / win of customers and pays them profits. The croupier himself does not have so many tasks - he gives out playing cards, launches the ball in roulette, maintains a friendly atmosphere and the like. A special place in the field of live gambling is occupied by the famous blackjack; in addition, you can try your luck by playing roulette, baccarat, Texas Hold ‘em and some other types of poker.

How this type of casino works

Broadcasting is conducted from an interactive room with real tables and cameras installed in each of them. Sometimes the broadcast can be from a regular offline casino, or from a professional television studio. As a rule, the choice of premises for the game depends on the capabilities and goals of the provider, but in any case, this will require a specialized studio. In order to increase customer confidence and fairness of the game, in many establishments dealers are changed approximately once every half an hour. The croupier can change decks, as well as send greetings to the camera at the request of the players. This relationship between the player and the casino favorably affects the overall attitude of the client to the institution and leaves a good impression.

On the screen, users can see not only the real table on which the distribution takes place or the roulette wheel is spinning, but also the virtual one (where the bets are just made). These tables are equipped with devices that send information to the server, synchronizing with the virtual table using software.

Pros of online casinos with live dealers

The advantages of having a live dealer lie on the surface for anyone who has ever visited an offline casino or has an idea of ​​how everything happens there: the dealer can advise on the rules of a game, he is friendly and open to communication.

And most importantly - there is the opportunity to monitor all the movements of the distributor, in case of doubt about his integrity.

These casinos have similar advantages: where it is possible to play directly with the dealer, you shouldn’t worry about the safety of money, as the player controls the course of the game, albeit through a webcam. In addition, the presence effect, the possibility of two-way communication with the dealer and other participants in the game through a special chat, as well as the general atmosphere of excitement, have a beneficial effect on the client’s mood and increase his loyalty.

Play live. Play responsibly.