What is an online-casino? Can I trust my money to such establishments? Online-casino is a direct relative of land-based gambling establishments. With the development of Internet-technologies and the growing demand for gambling, internet-casinos began to appear, first in small quantities. But now the number of gambling institutions in the Web is almost impossible to calculate. Today we will analyze what is an online-casino.

Online-casinos are divided into two types:

  • Licensed
  • Unlicensed

The first type has some advantages over the second one. Namely a license. The license is issued by the relevant authorities that control the gaming industry. If we talk about honesty, the presence of this document is at least an indicator that the casino is not profitable to deceive its customers, because then there will be much more problems. Yes, maybe there is no huge assortment of slot machines in some official online-casinos, and they don’t give out 200% deposit bonuses, but user can be sure of the safety of his funds. Probably, of course, the money will disappear, but only because fortune is out of mood today.

Games in online casinos are available to almost any user from any country, the main thing is that he must be an adult. Although in many countries the activities of online casinos are prohibited, usually the owners of these sites find ways to bypass locks. Online casinos can be found on any domain, whether it ru uk or de. Among the gambling establishments, rivalry is constantly ongoing in terms of a variety of bonuses, an assortment of games, the convenience of the site and other aspects. But the most important thing is that the casino must have an official license. It’s also useful to read reviews about the place where you are going to play. Usually reviews of real players most truthfully reflect the state of things in a particular gaming establishment.

So, what can attract and retain a player: Transparent gaming policy. Written in the charter of the online casino should be consistent with reality. If the institution offers a 100% bonus on deposit and 50% for every 10 subsequent ones, then it should be so. Trust needs to be earned.

Don’t practice unreasonable limit cuts. Some unscrupulous casinos may set a ceiling for individual players. Putting above this limit won’t work. Sometimes such measures are taken as a preventive measure if a player violates any rules. And sometimes there are no objective reasons for such actions. Don’t do like this.

Withdraw funds as quickly as possible. Especially when it comes to large amounts. An extra 10-15 minutes of waiting can cost a client. There are unwritten laws of gambling that the faster the money is withdrawn from the casino, the sooner they return there. Quick withdrawal of money is mutually beneficial.

A variety of bonus offers. Yes, doubling a deposit won’t surprise anyone now. But free spins every Friday may catch someone. To stay afloat, you need to be flexible.

As you know, won bonus funds must be won back before withdrawal. There is a certain counter of bets, the so-called wager, which indicates how much the amount won should be scrolled into casino games in order to turn bonus money into real money.

It looks like wager x20, wager x64, wager x80 and so on, it’s all depends on the degree of greed of a particular institution. Practice shows that it is practically not possible to play out too big wager, but smaller wagers give a chance of success. But everything is quite subjective here, since for each player the size of the wager is seen in its own way. What is much for someone is not enough for the other. Play responsibly.