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Roulette attracts casino players due to the simplicity of rules and fun playability. By knowing the best odds for Roulette, players may earn a good profit fast and easily. Still, despite how easy the game is at first sight, Roulette odds are tricky.

A proper understanding of the probability in the game is the first thing you should grasp playing at the Roulette table. Don’t worry! You don’t have to be a math wizard to calculate Roulette table odds. That’s where our Roulette odds chart can be of service. All you need to win at online Roulette is to understand the game basics, types of bets, and odds.

In this guide, we will explain:

  • The definition of odds in online Roulette.
  • How Roulette odds work with European and American wheels.
  • What the house edge is and how to beat it in the Roulette game.
  • How to turn Roulette chances in your favor with expert tips.


Roulette odds are the indicator of the winning probability in the game. First, let’s explain what the term “probability” actually means. In simple words, probability defines the likelihood of a certain event/outcome happening. Just like any other casino game, the win probability in online Roulette depends on several factors.

Factors that affect online Roulette odds:

  1. bet type;
  2. wheel layout;
  3. house edge.

The gambling expert Catalin Barboianu explains the probability theory for Roulette, Dice, and slots in his Probability Guide to Gambling (2006).

In his book, Barboianu states that the probability of an event makes sense as long as the set of conditions is left unchanged. The expert says:

“Any change in these conditions changes the probability and, consequently, the statistical laws governing the phenomenon.”

What Barboianu means to say is that when at least one element in the game changes (e.g., a bet type or a game version), we get a totally different win probability. Roulette odds are dependent on these changes.


There are several methods to calculate odds in Roulette. Some bettors prefer to use Roulette odds calculator apps to evaluate their winning chances in the game. If you want to master this craft on your own, there are several simple math formulas at your service.

how to calculate odds in roulette

Each spin of the Roulette wheel is always a random event. Neither the house (casino) nor the player can influence the game outcome for each spin. To calculate the odds in Roulette, the player may use the following formula: Winning odds = Likelihood of winning / (1 – Likelihood of winning). For instance, 0.5 / (1 – 0.5) = 1/1. The odds are even in this case.

There is a more straightforward option to calculate casino Roulette odds with no effort. Simply divide the number of ways to score by the number of ways to lose a stake. For instance, 1/36 shows that a player is expected to win once and to lose 36 times. These are odds on a single number in Roulette. The only way to win is to guess the one exact number the ball lands on.

Some players confuse the odds of hitting the game with odds against winning at Roulette. Let us explain it on a particular example:

Imagine that you play with the American wheel with 38 numbered pockets. The ball may land in any of these 38 pockets. You bet on a specific number, e.g., 16. The chance that the ball will stop at the 16-numbered pocket is 1 to 37. In other words, 1:37 are the odds of hitting a lucky number or the Roulette odds for winning.

To calculate the Roulette odds against winning, you simply need to use the above-mentioned formula in the reverse order. Divide expected ways to lose by anticipated ways to win. The chance against winning will be 37:1.

After hearing the Roulette odds against them, inexperienced players would probably never dare to take a spin at the Roulette table. Big mistake! The brilliance of this iconic game is that it offers over twenty bet types with a different probability of winning. The minor the likelihood of victory is, the bigger payout you will get. In simple words, higher risks come in tandem with generous rewards.


Roulette bets are divided into outside and inside. The first thing to learn by hard is that odds in Roulette vary for each bet type. So, a payout in the game will directly depend on the odds behind each stake you make. We explained how online Roulette pays off in our ultimate guide on Roulette payouts. We advise you to read this guide if you plan to play Roulette for real money.

Knowing the types of bets in Roulette is a fundamental part of any betting system.

Outside bets are wagers made across the external section of the Roulette table. Outside bets give higher odds of winning Roulette. Their lack is a lower payout.

Roulette outside bets are:

  • Column: covers any twelve numbers in a chosen vertical column.
  • Dozen: covers twelve consecutive numbers, e.g., 1-12.
  • Red/Black (Color): a stake on a ball to land at a red or black pocket.
  • Even/Odd: a stake on a type of number (pair or impair).
  • Low/High: refers to low numbers (1-18) or high numbers (19-36).
  • Snake: covers the numbers 1, 5, 9, 12, 14, 16, 19, 23, 27, 30, 32, and 34.

Inside bets are wagers made across the inner segment of the Roulette table. They give lower odds of winning in Roulette but offer more sizable returns.

Roulette inside bets are:

  • Straight up: a stake on a single (exact) number.
  • Split: a stake on any two neighboring numbers.
  • Street: covers three numbers in one row, e.g., 7, 8, and 9.
  • Corner (Square): covers four numbers that form a square, e.g., 4, 5, 7, and 8.
  • Five-number / Top Line: covers numbers 0, 00, 1, 2, and 3 (American).
  • Basket: covers numbers 0, 1, 2, and 3 (European).
  • Trio: covers three numbers with at least one zero, e.g., 0, 2, and 3.
  • Double Street (Six lines): covers six numbers that form two lines, e.g., 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, and 9.
types of bets in Roulette


Players who gamble for real money should use the Roulette odds chart. It makes the gameplay much easier when you have a kind of cheat sheet in front of your eyes. It shows the payout potential and odds for European and American game versions. The odds chart helps bettors concentrate on the game process but not the calculations.

Roulette odds chart

Bet typePayoffAmerican Roulette odds (%)European Roulette odds (%
Straight up35:12.602.70
Corner (Square)8:110.5010.80
Five number (Top line)6:113.16
Double Street (Six lines)5:115.8016.20
Red/Black (color)1:147.4048.60


Outside bets work well for players who want to increase their Roulette winning odds. We recommend this option to amateurs. When you just start playing online Roulette, constant failures may shake your self-confidence. In contrast, smaller but occasional winnings will reassure you and give you a stimulus to boost your proficiency in the game.

It’s much easier to predict a low/high number than to guess the exact number the ball lands on. In this case, your Roulette chance to win is higher. However, big players hunting for massive returns will unlikely get it with outside stakes. They usually pay out even money (1:1). The same is with Roulette odds for Red/Black. They also pay out even money.


  • Higher odds of winning Roulette;
  • Lower risk;
  • Many betting systems are based on outside betting.


Lower Roulette payouts.


Inside bets will fit gamblers hunting for the adrenaline rush. These stakes give lower Roulette winning odds but provide more generous returns. We recommend these wagers to seasoned players who are not debutants at the Roulette table.

When playing with inside bets, it’s important to select Roulette games with reasonable betting limits. The maximum and minimum betting edge may significantly vary in different games. Even the range for a minimum stake may fluctuate from 0.10 cents to one hundred dollars per chip.


  • Generous Roulette returns;
  • Diversity of bet types.


  • Lower Roulette winning odds;
  • Higher risk to one’s bankroll.


Even when you have the best odds in Roulette, you should consider such a factor as house edge. It doesn’t diminish your chances of winning Roulette but directly influences your profitability. The house edge is simply the advantage that a casino has in the game.

For example:

You play with a 38-numbered pockets wheel. The actual Roulette table odds of hitting a single number are 37:1. However, it doesn’t mean that you will get $37 if your stake wins. The house will pay 35 to 1. It is the highest payoff in online Roulette.

Players may calculate the house edge for online casino Roulette on their own. When you play with a European wheel with 37 pockets, your odds in Roulette to hit an exact number is 1 in 37. To determine the house edge, apply this formula:

(1/37) x 100 = 0,027027027 x 100 = 2,7027027 (house edge is 2.7%)

You can apply a similar algorithm to count the house advantage with an American wheel. This time, the odds for Roulette to hit a single number is 1 in 38. However, the additional double zero (00) number raises the house edge twice. In this case, the formula will look like this:

(2/38) x 100 = 0,0526315789 x 100 = 5,26315789 (house edge is 5.2%)

Mathematical models for Roulette help define the winning odds and net profit a player will gain per each stake. The gambling expert Catalin Barboianu explains the math model as an ensemble of scientific concepts reproducing the studied object (Roulette odds in our case) at a theoretical level. In its turn, observation will either confirm or deny the results obtained through each respective math model.


The Roulette odds variance is dependent on the wheel layout. Being originally a French game, Roulette was played only across Europe. The European wheel has the following layout: a range of numbers from 0 to 36, i.e., 37 pockets in total.

European wheel layout

European wheel layout

Due to the fast-growing popularity of the game, Roulette expanded its borders and moved to the United States. Americans invented their own wheel model with an additional zero (00). The wheel layout in the American Roulette looks like this: 0, 00, and numbers from 1 to 36, i.e.,38 pockets in total. The trick is that the additional zero cuts a player’s Roulette odds payout by increasing the house edge by two times.

American wheel layout

American wheel layout


Roulette green odds of winning are not high. That is why these stakes come with sizable returns in case of victory. With the payoff of 35 to 1, a winning $5 bet on the green will bring you $175. A very nice reward! The pitfall is that the likelihood of hitting the green is once per 37 spins.

The odds on green in Roulette with the American wheel are higher due to the additional 00 pocket. But don’t forget that the house edge is sharper in this case. So, what’s the verdict – to bid on the green or not?! We advise betting on the green if it is part of a proven Roulette strategy.

For example, the James Bond betting system involves a stake on the green in a combo with several other bets. Thus, a player has better odds of winning in Roulette. But please, don’t put all your chips at stake in one spin! You can read our in-detail guide to know more about the James Bond method and other betting systems. In this guide, we explain the best Roulette betting strategies that really work.


The burning question that worries all the wheel game fans is how to receive the Roulette best odds of winning. We need to stress one more time that nobody can predict by 100% the ball position on the wheel. The random number generator in online Roulette games is a guarantee of fair outcomes. Still, there are certain tips to maximize your Roulette chances to win.

tips to maximize your Roulette chances

For example, the French version offers a good trick for players to decrease the house edge even more. If the game involves the En Prison rule, it raises a player’s Roulette winning odds and cuts the casino advantage from 2.70% to 1.35%. The En Prison rule relates only to even money bets. The principle is that if your stake doesn’t win, it stays locked for the next spin. “En prison” in translation from the French language means “in prison.”

The gambling expert R. S. Garland gives an in-detail explanation of the En Prison rule, as well as other betting methods in his book Roulette: the Odds on Favorite Strategy (2012). Garland sheds light on how to improve odds for winning in Roulette and how to win a thousand dollars in just three spins. The expert also teaches how to manage money after winning. We highly recommend all Roulette fans add Garland’s book to their library.

Different experts often advise players to practice the number prediction to improve their odds on Roulette table. The mastery to predict numbers involves such factors as dealer signature, biased wheels, and observation of spins in due course. However, biased wheels have no relation to perfect online Roulette wheels that have no flaws.

As for the dealer’s signature, you may take advantage of it by playing Live Roulette with real dealers. 7BitCasino players may choose from dozens of Bitcoin Live Roulette games from the leading providers. Please note that by the dealer’s signature, we don’t mean that a croupier is trying to trick the player. The signature involves the specific manner of spinning the wheel.

Bitcoin Live Roulette

Some players also strive to detect cold and hold areas on the wheel. They monitor zones where the ball lands more frequently and place their chips there. We won’t say that it is the best tactic to improve Roulette table odds. Still, a lot of gamblers claim to win using this technique.

The recommendation that will help all players to enhance their winning odds on Roulette is not to put all money at once per one spin. Better spread your stakes per several spins not to hurt your balance and prolong your enjoyment from the game. Finally, there is always an option to practice in the demo mode at 7Bit casino to boost your skills.


Roulette is a truly brilliant game. It combines easy and fun gameplay with a great potential to earn good money. At 7BitCasino, players may try their luck in the best Bitcoin Roulette games with cryptocurrencies.

The foremost advantage of Bitcoin Roulette is instant payouts, zero fees, and BTC casino bonuses. Select game versions to your liking from our rich lobby. Use our Roulette odds chart and strategic tips to master the game like a pro!


What are the odds in Roulette at the European wheel?

The true European Roulette odds on a single number are 2.70%. The payout will be 35:1 if your stake wins.

What are the odds on Roulette at the American wheel?

The actual American Roulette odds with a 38-numbered pockets wheel are 2.60%. But the payoff will be 35:1 in case of victory.

What are the odds for 0 on Roulette?

The odds on zero in Roulette are 35/1. The American Roulette pays out 17/1 due to a double zero wheel layout.

What are the Roulette odds on red or black?

The odds of hitting red or black in Roulette are 47.40% in the American version and 48.60% in the European version. The return will be even money 1:1.

What are the odds on green in Roulette?

The odds on green in Roulette are 2.70% (European wheel) and 2.60% (American wheel). The payoff will be 35:0 or 17:1, respectively.

What are the highest odds of winning at Roulette?

The highest odds of winning at Roulette are 48.60% (European) and 47.40% (American). These are the odds on outside bets.

What are the lowest odds of winning at Roulette?

The lowest odds of winning at Roulette are 2.70% (European) and 2.60% (American). These are the odds on inside bets.

What are the best odds in Roulette?

The best odds for Roulette are Red/Black, Even/Odd, and Low/High. They provide a higher winning probability, but the payout in the game will be lower.

How to calculate online Roulette odds and payout?

You may use our Roulette odds chart with the calculations of odds and payouts behind each bet type.

How to increase my odds in Roulette?

To increase your online Roulette odds, use expert tips described in this guide. You may also use proven betting strategies to boost your chances of winning Roulette.

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