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Bitcoin Blackjack


Bitcoin Blackjack is a perfect variant for beginners in online gambling. Safe, exciting, and legal – all this is fair to say about the iconic card game with cryptocurrency bets. Blackjack tops the ranking of the most trending games among casino players.

A distinctive feature of crypto Blackjack is that it is a simple but, at the same time, very interesting game with its own strategies. Also known as the “21” game, Blackjack was in huge demand in all gaming houses in the 18th century. So we offer you to get acquainted with its basic rules and varieties.

At 7BitCasino, you may enjoy a diversity of online Bitcoin Blackjack games by leading crypto casino providers. Play European Blackjack, American Blackjack, or Live Blackjack with Bitcoin, and win loads of money. Gamble with generous BTC bonuses from the best Bitcoin gambling Blackjack site 7BitCasino.

What is Bitcoin Blackjack?

Not all players know the difference between ordinary Blackjack and Bitcoin Blackjack. We will sort things out. The rules and value of cards are the same. Bitcoin Blackjack covers all types of the Blackjack games that you play online with cryptocurrency. BTC transactions run from/to your digital wallet via a decentralized blockchain network.

How to Play Bitcoin Blackjack Online

It is a piece of cake to play Blackjack with Bitcoin. For a start, register at one of the online exchange services and buy some Bitcoins using your bank or credit card accounts. Open a crypto wallet to store your BTC in a safe place. The popular wallets are Binance, Ledger, and Coinbase.

Then go to the Bitcoin Blackjack website 7BitCasino and pass a one-minute-last registration. Go to the “Balance” section of your account. Select BTC in the cryptocurrency field and link your crypto wallet address. Specify a sum in BTC and click on “Deposit”. Claim your bonus to gamble blockchain Blackjack.

Black jack bitcoin

Crypto Blackjack Rules

Bitcoin gambling Blackjack has very simple and clear rules:

  1. Make a Bitcoin deposit;
  2. Score points not exceeding 21;
  3. Win money.

The rules may vary depending on a particular game version. The round starts with a croupier dealing two cards to each player. The player’s cards are dealt face down. One dealer’s card is left face up, and another “hole card” is dealt face down.

In online crypto Blackjack, players make a wager before shuffling. The main goal of the game isn’t to score more than 21 points. The one who gets closer to a 21 hand wins the round. Another chance to win is by collecting the “Blackjack” combination. It is the most valuable and powerful hand that consists of an Ace and a ten on the player’s first two cards.

Variations of Bitcoin Blackjack Casino Games

Over time, the original card game has acquired many different variations. Each option has its own rules and nuances. American and European BTC Blackjack versions are the proven favorites among casino players.

At 7BitCasino online blackjack gambling is available in different variations. What does it look like? It's quite simple: game developers don't stop at just one version of the game. To stand out and attract the attention of the audience, many of them come up with additional rules. You can read more about their varieties in the bitcoin blackjack casinos reviewed sites and you will immediately realise that the basic gist does not change, only the minor rules change. For example, you may be offered different numbers of decks in crypto blackjack games, or you may be able to play bitcoin blackjack with different card patterns. But, there are only three varieties of blackjack.

American Bitcoin Online Blackjack

American Blackjack is played with six or eight decks. This version of cryptocurrency Blackjack has two popular sub-types: Vegas Blackjack and Atlantic Blackjack.

In Vegas Blackjack with BTC, the dealer with an Ace or more than ten points in the hand can take another card without showing it to other players. If the croupier has a Blackjack combo, the rest of the players automatically lose. The exception is when a player has a Blackjack combination too.

A distinctive feature of the Atlantic Blackjack with Bitcoin is that a player doubles his bet even after a split. Also, this game is usually played with eight decks of cards. You may try your luck in American Blackjack by Habanero or Betsoft Gaming on our Bitcoin casino Blackjack site.

European Bitcoin Online Blackjack

This version of the Bitcoin table game has not so many differences from the original one. European Blackjack with BTC is played with two decks of cards. A hand with the Blackjack combination can beat a player who scores 21. A player uses casino chips to make bets. A chip is a payment method with the same value as cash.

There is no hole card in this version. The dealer initially receives one card face up. The second card is dealt only after the player has both cards on hand. Splitting is allowed only once per round. Try European Blackjack with Bitcoin by Microgaming and BGaming, which offer sizable payouts.

Live Bitcoin Blackjack

Live Blackjack Bitcoin games are the current trend among gamblers. Players adore it when real dealers but not computers guide the process. It makes the gameplay authentic and much more emotional. Another privilege of the Bitcoin live casino Blackjack is that streams run in real-time around the clock.

Blackjack BTC game broadcasts take place from stylish studios. Some providers even hold streams from physical casino locations worldwide. Thus, you may hear real casino sounds in the background and see players at other tables.

If you are gunning for a lifelike casino experience, live Bitcoin Blackjack is a perfect choice. Leaders among live game providers are Evolution and Ezugi. The classic card game by these vendors is spiced up with unique features and jackpot options to boost your winning chances.

Free Bitcoin Blackjack

At 7BitCasino, you may play Blackjack with BTC in demo versions for free. Don’t rush to bet with BTC from the very beginning! Test different game variations to understand which one you like most. Free demo simulators will help you familiarize yourself with the rules without any risk to your bankroll.

Once you learn the basics and start winning in crypto Blackjack, you may switch to the real money mode. In this case, all winnings you make in the card game will be real. You can withdraw your earnings from the casino balance. Plus, you may count on lavish bonuses from our Bitcoin gambling Blackjack site.

Play BTC Blackjack on Mobile Devices

You can enjoy your favorite table game on desktop devices and on the go. Play on all portable gadgets that operate by iOS and Android.

Bitcoin Blackjack mobile Android games preserve the highest quality even on not expensive devices. You may relish exciting gameplay on your smartphone wherever you go. Just make sure you have a stable 3G or 4G Internet.

Players may gamble on iOS phones and tablets too. Use iPhone or iPad at your choice. Even when you play with real dealers, the streaming quality of Bitcoin Blackjack Live mobile games won’t disappoint. The touchscreen makes your gaming experience more authentic.

If you play blackjack from your mobile device, you won't notice much difference between the web version and the mobile version. There will still be the same betting variations, as well as a handy layout with bet size options. All crypto blackjack games are available on mobile devices at 7BitCasino 24/7. And when it comes to playing with Live Dealers, you can play right there on your mobile phone, too. All you have to do is go to the Live section and start playing. What's also remarkable is that you don't need to download a special app. All you have to do is open the browser built into your mobile phone and start play blackjack.

Card Value in Crypto Blackjack

It’s essential to learn the value of cards before sitting at the virtual crypto Blackjack table:

  • Ace – worth one or eleven;
  • King, Queen, Jack – all worth ten points;
  • Cards from 2 to ten – worth their numeric value.

Crypto Blackjack Moves Explained

Moves in online BTC Black jack don’t differ from alternative versions. All the actions are explained below:

  • Push: In the case of a draw, when a dealer and a player have hands of the same value, a player receives a stake back.
  • Split: If the first two dealt cards have the same value, for example, two eights, splitting occurs to divide one hand into two.
  • Hit: It means asking for an extra card in addition to the first two dealt cards.
  • Stand: If you already have a hand with 21 points, you stand on this score not to take more cards.
  • Double down: A player doubles the initial bet if the first two dealt cards have a value of nine, ten, or eleven.
  • Insure: If a croupier has an Ace as a face-up card, you may insure yourself by betting half of the original stake. The standard win with a Blackjack combination is 3:2. With insurance, it will be 1:1.
  • Surrender: A player folds the hand before drawing of new cards. Thus, half of a bet returns to player, and another half remains at stake.

Strategy to Win in Online Bitcoin Blackjack

Bitcoin online Blackjack is a casino game that masterfully combines luck, skills, and strategy. BTC Blackjack is not difficult, but it has several strategies and hacks that you should stick to:

  1. The croupier usually stands on soft 17. So if a player sees that the croupier has a card from two to four, he should take a card. If the dealer has a card from five to six, a player should double. It is done not to exceed the critical number of points.
  2. If a dealer has the first cards from seven to ten, most likely he will score more than 21 points. Thus, you need to score at least seventeen points to get more points than the dealer.
  3. Players are often afraid to hit extra cards if they already have more than ten or eleven points. If this happens, try the “plus/minus” scheme to track the flow of the dealt cards in the deck.
  4. Do not adhere to the same game tactics that a dealer follows. It is always worth gaining more than sixteen points, even if the croupier already has an Ace. It works by the principle that several small cards, such as five to seven, can beat the Ace.
  5. Pick up the online Blackjack bitcoin game variations where players are allowed to split into separate hands or resplit Aces. Focus on tables with a minimum number of decks in play. The house edge is bigger in games with more decks.
  6. Set a limit on losses when you play Blackjack with Bitcoin. Thus, you won’t damage your bankroll too much in case of failure.

Bitcoin Blackjack Odds

Cryptocurrency Blackjack has one of the best odds in the niche of online casino entertainment. The simplicity of rules and a generous RTP rate of 96-99% (depending on a version) make Blackjack with BTC a highly rewarding game. If you become a Blackjack pro, you may significantly boost your Bitcoin balance.

Advantages of Crypto Blackjack

Playing online Blackjack with crypto bets gives many privileges to casino gamblers. These are only a couple of benefits:

  • Legitimacy: In the 18th century, Blackjack was a game of cheaters and scams. Today, Bitcoin casino Blackjack is absolutely legal in every country.
  • Security and anonymity: BTC transactions run on the independent virtual blockchain network. Thus, you may keep your winnings in crypto Blackjack a secret from banks and other intermediaries.
  • Provably Fair gameplay: The Provably Fair system allows Bitcoin Blackjack casino gamblers to track the outcome of the game to ensure its fairness.
  • Faster payouts: You can withdraw your winnings from our Bitcoin Blackjack site within just ten minutes. It is because the processing of BTC transitions is less time-consuming than alternative options.
  • Zero fees: Money-outs in cryptocurrency come without any commission. Thus, players can say goodbye to irrational charges while cashing out their earnings.

Best licensed Blackjack

It's no secret that it's better to gamble at an online casino that is licensed. Moreover, if a gaming site has a license, you can play bitcoin blackjack without worrying about honesty. The license issued for an online casino covers all games and content available on the website. These games are tested very thoroughly by the staff of the licensing body and if the games have deviations, the license is not granted. Therefore, bitcoin blackjack casinos with a license are pretty reliable. Additionally, fairness can also be judged because many bitcoin games have a special option that generates each round quite transparently and you can check how fair a particular blackjack variation are.

The most commonly used encryption technology is based on cryptographic functions. After the RNG generates a new round, the system encrypts its result and signs it with the private key. Ultimately, the result of the round is known before the round ends.

Bitcoin Blackjack Casino Bonus Offers

BTC bonuses will make your gaming experience in crypto Blackjack one-of-a-kind. 7BitCasino offers incentives both for new and regular members. Sign up at our Bitcoin Blackjack casino and get a lavish bonus matching the size of your first deposit in BTC.

Existing members at 7BitCasino take advantage of reload bonuses, loyalty promotions, and cashback. All these bonuses will help you succeed in online Blackjack BTC games and win a lot of money on this fascinating card game.

So, to understand what bonuses you can get for playing blackjack you need to take a look at the most common offers. To get any online casino bonus, you will most often need to fund your account with real funds. However, there are offers where players are offered the chance to play blackjack with a no deposit offer. More often than not, when it comes to cryptocurrency, you can receive a fixed amount of coins via the faucet. Immediately you will receive coins that can be used to play blackjack.

Licensed online casinos will offer you a no deposit bonus. This is also a fixed amount of money that you will receive for registering on the gaming platform to playing blackjack. Whereas in the case of the faucet bonus you just need to play a minimum amount to withdraw the funds, the no deposit bonus needs to be wagered. Fulfil some conditions for the bonus funds to become real funds. You will still be allowed to play blackjack, but only 5-10% of the total amount will count towards your bet.

Separately, there are lucrative deposit bonuses for playing blackjack online. You just deposit any cryptocurrency you like and get a certain amount of extra money on top, which can be as much as 100-200% of your deposit. Moreover, there are special bonuses that are designed specifically to make you play bitcoin blackjack with more money in your account. In any case, this type of bonus also needs to be wagered.

Bitcoin Blackjack Tournaments

Every player who has playing blackjack at least once knows very well that it is quite a fascinating game. However, in online casinos, you can also find competitive events for this type of game, which is extremely rare in land-based casinos. What is a crypto blackjack games tournament? It's quite simple: you have to fund your account with any of the casino's supported cryptocurrencies and start betting in the blackjack variations that are available in the tournament. Then at the end of the event, you will receive a prize if you place at the tournament table.

Usually, the one who gets the most points wins, not the one who has the highest balance at the end of the tournament. There is another type of tournament where you use special coins instead of real money in your balance. You simply buy a number of these coins with real money to enter the tournament. Then you simply start play blackjack online using these coins. At the end of the day, the one with the most points wins. This is the betting amount, not the balance at the end of the tournament.

Summary on Bitcoin Casino Blackjack

Bitcoin casino Blackjack is a brilliant choice for amateurs and seasoned gamblers. This long-standing card game opens awesome winning prospects. Find a Blackjack version at your taste from our rich lobby. Boost your gambling luck with BTC bonuses.

Do not waste precious time and make your first crypto bet on the best Bitcoin Blackjack site 7BitCasino!

Bitcoin Blackjack FAQ

What is Bitcoin Blackjack?

Bitcoin Blackjack is the analogy of the classic “21” card game that you play online with cryptocurrency bets.

Yes, online Bitcoin Blackjack is wholly legal in most countries worldwide.

Is it safe to play crypto Blackjack?

Sure! BTC operations run on the safe blockchain platform. It ensures a secure and anonymous Bitcoin Blackjack gambling experience.

How can I start playing online Bitcoin Blackjack?

First, buy some BTC at a crypto trading platform. Then, register at our Bitcoin Blackjack casino and deposit in BTC. Find Blackjack games at your liking and follow our expert tips to make wins.

What Bitcoin wallet should I use for Blackjack payout?

Popular crypto wallets for Blackjack bitcoin payouts are Zimpler, Ledger, and Coinbase.

What is Bitcoin live Blackjack?

In the live Blackjack BTC version, you play with real dealers but not a computer.

Can I get a Bitcoin Blackjack casino bonus?

Of course! Join 7BitCasino and receive a deposit match bonus to gamble crypto Blackjack.

What is the best Bitcoin Blackjack site?

7BitCasino is the best Bitcoin Blackjack site with a vast range of Provably Fair Blackjack games and generous BTC bonuses.

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