Play safe

Playing at 7BitCasino should always be considered as a way of exciting pass time, not a way of making money. Though, for some players, it may be hard to find the right balance between how much to spend and how much to play.

In order to keep your gaming experience safe and pleasant, we are glad to offer you tools that will help you to manage your balance.

Deposit and Loss limits

Sometimes having too much fun may lead to situations, when it`s not funny anymore. In order to prevent you from going too far, you can now set a limit on your deposits and losses with the time frame of a day, week, or month. Note: you need to wait 24 hours before increasing the limit. To clarify the functionality of the loss limit, the loss is based on the deposit made by the player and not winnings attributed to the deposited amount. If a player for example deposits €50, has a loss limit of €10 and the player goes on and wins €1,000, the player can still lose more than €10 of the €1,000 balance as it's based on the initial deposit instead of the winnings.

Bet limit

Do you want to make joy and happiness last the longest possible? Just pick a bet size you are most comfortable with and we will make sure you won't exceed it. You can set this kind of limit on the day, week, or month.

Cooling-off Period

We appreciate your right to take a break and chill. Just choose a day, week, month, three months, or half-year cool-down. Once this term will be over, you`ll get an email notification and your account will be reactivated automatically. In the meanwhile, we won't disturb you with our latest promotions.


If it happened so, that you need a bigger break, you can exclude yourself for 6, 9, or even 12 months. In this case, you'll need to contact us to re-open your account, once this period will be over.

Permanent account closure

If you think it's time for you to stop playing at all, we respect your decision. Just contact our customer support and we will assist you. Just keep in mind that permanently closed accounts can't be re-opened.

Please note that if you are self-excluded from the casino for an indefinite period of time, the funds remaining on the balance will be paid according to the casino limits. If you are self-excluded for a definite period of time, the funds remaining on the balance will be paid according to the casino limits only when a period of self-exclusion expires.

We are ready to help

Our aim is to help you and the gamblers you care about. We strongly advise undertaking gambling as a form of leisure but not as a way of making money. Avoid chasing losses - there is always another day.

If you feel any problems with gambling at our site, just email us at

If you need a break from gambling, you may be excluded from our site for some time or forever. For more self-exclusion information and activating this option, please contact us at

If you are unsure of someone familiar to you, your relative, or your friend, please report us right away. Our customer service team is open to assist you through live chat or by email.

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