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Bitcoin Poker offers excellent winning opportunities for casino gamblers. Playing Poker online with cryptocurrency seemed like a dream a decade ago. Today, anyone can play cryptocurrency Poker online.The iconic card game has never been more exciting!

Play Poker with Bitcoin and get a generous Rakeback from our 7BitCasino BTC Poker site. We provide various versions of cryptocurrency Poker games. Bet on Texas Hold’em or Jacks or Better with Bitcoin and make huge wins. Online Bitcoin Poker excels in providing super-fast payouts. You will get your winnings in less than ten minutes.

In this guide, we will explain how to start playing Poker online with Bitcoin. Our experts will share proven crypto Poker strategies. In the end, we will tell you how to get a bonus on Bitcoin Poker games at 7BitCasino.

What is Bitcoin Poker?

The term 'Bitcoin Poker' might sound complicated to beginners. In reality, the game is not challenging. You don't need to be a tech expert to play BTC Poker games. Rules are the same. The main difference in a BTC table game compared to traditional online Poker is that you gamble with Bitcoin.

Bitcoin is the first-ever created cryptocurrency. It exists in the virtual space in the form of encoded blocks. People use Bitcoin for buying different stuff and services. BTC payments run on the decentralized network “blockchain”. Bitcoin is totally independent. It doesn’t belong to any authorities and banking establishments.

How to Play Poker with Bitcoin

To play Poker online with Bitcoin, you need to complete a few simple steps. First of all, register at the cryptocurrency exchange platform. Buy some Bitcoins via your credit card, bank, or PayPal account. Then, open a digital wallet to store your BTC. The popular ones are Coinbase, Ledger, and Bitpay.

After that, sign up at the best Bitcoin Poker site 7BitCasino. Go to the “Balance” page of your account. Pick out BTC as a payment method and specify a sum you want to deposit. Provide your e-wallet details and confirm your actions.

Now, you can go to the 'BTC games' section and find the crypto Poker versions you like the most. When you want to withdraw your winnings, follow similar instructions. Go to the 'Balance' page of your account. Confirm the payout request and receive your winnings in BTC.

Advantages of Crypto Poker

At this stage, you may ask why to play crypto Poker instead of traditional game versions with fiat currencies. We will give you just a couple of fundamental advantages of playing Bitcoin Poker at our crypto casino.

  • Secure and Safe Gameplay

We apply SSL encryption protocol to guarantee a safe Bitcoin Poker experience to our players. SSL encryption protects your personal data from leaking and hacking.

  • Anonymity

Playing Poker with BTC cryptocurrency allows gamblers to stay under the radar of authorities and banks. Deposits and money-outs run on the independent blockchain network.

  • Quick Payouts

Crypto Poker players may pull out their winnings from the casino balance at lightning speed. Processing takes around ten minutes. You don’t have to wait for 3-5 days like with cards and banks.

  • No Commission

It’s always a pain to give a certain percentage of your winnings as a charge. It happens with fiat money operations but not with Bitcoins. You may say farewell to irrational fees and enjoy a zero commission playing online BTC Poker.

  • Provably Fair Games

The Provably Fair system allows gamblers to verify the reliability of results in Bitcoin Poker games. Players may compare the unique hash code displayed before and after the game session to ensure outcome transparency.

  • Generous Rakeback Percentage

Rake is the share that a gambling house traditionally holds on the pot for each Poker hand. When you play Poker with Bitcoins, you may count on the bigger Rakeback amount. The reason is the lower processing expenses of cryptocurrency transactions.

Basic BTC Poker Rules and Terms

Rules in online Bitcoin Poker are not complicated. Casino fans need to grasp the basics to relish a great gaming experience. The players’ primary goal is to guess whether opponents have better cards and bluff about their own cards.

Before starting the game, make sure to learn the general Bitcoin Poker terms, such as:

  • Call – to match the opponent’s bet;
  • Check – to defer a bet;
  • Fold – to discard cards;
  • Raise – to place a bet higher than the opponent;
  • All-In – to put all chips at stake;
  • Dealer button – a button that indicates a dealer in the game;
  • Kicker – a side card used to split a tie between hands of the same rank;
  • Ante – a before-the-deal bet that all players should make to give value to the pot.

The crypto Poker game goes in follows:

  1. The classic BTC Poker version is played with a 52-card deck. In the beginning, all players make an ante to contribute to the pot.
  2. Then, players are dealt several cards. Depending on the type of Bitcoin Poker, this can be two or five cards.
  3. A player decides what cards to keep and drop. Three new cards are dealt to replace the dropped ones and complete the hand.
  4. Players make big or small blinds (stakes) after each deal of cards. To increase your bet, click on “Raise”.
  5. The hand that finishes the round with the highest value wins the pot.

The golden rule to remember in crypto Poker – even a beginner has a chance to win. If you have a competitive spirit, try your luck in online BTC Poker tournaments.

Rich Variety of Crypto Poker Games

On our Bitcoin Poker site, you may practice your ‘Poker face’ in many different game variations:

  1. Texas Hold’em is the most popular version of online BTC Poker. Players receive two cards and make blind bets. Then bidding takes place. The five more cards are dealt face up. The RTP rate is 99.3%
  2. Caribbean Poker is another well-liked Bitcoin Poker game. Caribbean Poker also known as Oasis Poker. You play with a five-card hand in this variation. The goal is to score a combination higher than that of the dealer. RTP - 99.2%
  3. Multi-hand Poker is a crypto Poker game where players engage with multiple hands per round. In the beginning, everyone receives five cards per hand. After the second distribution, they all open.
  4. Five Draw Poker is one of the oldest versions of the Poker game. Most often, it is played with up to six persons. The deck consists of 20 cards, and a favorite among casino players is Five Draw Poker by BSG.
  5. Trey Poker is akin to the Caribbean version with a slight difference. Only three cards make a hand. If you succeed with Flush or Street, you may count on a generous payback. RTP is about 97.8%.
  6. Bonus Poker is highly popular among BTC Poker fans. It is the variation of the beloved Jacks or Better. The peculiarity of the game is bonus payouts. RTP is very high - 99.54%. The game has its sub-variation – Deluxe Bonus Poker.
  7. H.O.R.S.E. Poker is the most difficult kind of Video Poker with Bitcoins. This version is a mix of several Poker games. Therefore, players require maximum attention and concentration. H.O.R.S.E. Poker is a perfect choice for high-stake lovers.

Gamble Live Bitcoin Poker

Your crypto Poker experience is even more captivating when you gamble with real dealers. In our Bitcoin Poker casino, you can play live Poker games from world-recognized providers. Boost your bluffing skills in live Poker by Evolution, Ezugi, or BetGames. The game broadcasts take place from authentic studios in real-time 24/7. Smiling presenters will make your live Bitcoin Poker gameplay one-of-a-kind.

Bitcoin Poker Hands Explained

Now, let’s discuss in more detail the hands in crypto Poker:

  • Pair: two cards of the same face value. It is considered the weakest hand in BTC Poker. A Pair wins only if other players have nothing better.
  • Two Pairs: all the same as in the previous case, only the pair doubles. This combination is made up of a pair of cards on the table and a pair of cards in hand.
  • High card: it usually relates to Ace. If none of the table opponents has a strong hand, the winner is determined with the help of Ace.
  • Set: a combination of three identical cards. It is one of the most powerful hands in crypto Poker games.
  • Straight: a combination of seniority cards. Such a combination can either begin with an Ace or end with it.
  • Full House: a fairly strong hand of three and a pair. The higher the card value in combination, the stronger the player’s hand will be.
  • Flush: covers cards of the same suit. It doesn’t matter which cards these are. The main thing is that all cards should be of the same suit.
  • Four of a kind: is one of the strongest hands in online Bitcoin Poker. A player should collect four identical cards.
  • Royal Flush: is a rare and highly desired hand in blockchain Poker. It consists of cards from tens to Ace, and all should be of the same suit.

Play Crypto Poker on your mobile device

The great thing about modern games is that you can run them on different platforms. Bitcoin poker casino offers several options to play. For example, you can play in the web version or you can use the mobile version. The second option is usually the most popular among those players who prefer to play poker with bitcoin. The point is that when you play from your mobile device, you are not tied to a specific location and can play anywhere at any time.

You can play cryptocurrency poker using a Wi-Fi connection or 4G/5G mobile networks. However, 3G mobile connection will be the last frontier. Remarkably, a mobile device will allow you to play poker with bitcoin in different display positions. You can play both with the normal screen orientation and also expand the image to full screen, which is quite easy.

You can now use the Android and iOS operating systems to start playing the best bitcoin poker games. All you have to do is register, fund your account, get the promotional offer and start playing. All poker variations are developed using HTML5 technology which allows you to open your favorite bitcoin online poker version from mobile devices.

What's more, playing poker for bitcoin on mobile can be much more enjoyable because it uses very high quality graphics. It is the one that makes it clear that the process is quite close to being realistic. Many players use a stylus specifically to play poker with bitcoin so that they can easily manage their bets, place their chips, and do things.

Tips to Win in Online Bitcoin Poker

Below, our experts have shortlisted useful tips to succeed in Bitcoin Poker games:

  • Read the rules of the chosen Bitcoin Video Poker version carefully.
  • Don’t forget to re-evaluate your hands while playing.
  • Before starting a game, decide how much money you are willing to spend.
  • Select BTC for high stakes. Some Poker rooms have restrictions on the maximum bet, but not when you play cryptocurrency Poker.
  • Set the limit on losses and never cross this edge.
  • Don’t go All-In with a weak hand.
  • Practice different types of BTC Poker in demo versions first.
  • Start with a minimum bet, at least during the first ten games.
  • If you have a strong hand, raise your stake to force your opponents to fold. Thus, you will automatically win the pot.
  • Avoid drinking alcohol when playing Poker with Bitcoin. Alcohol will make your attention more scattered and reduce your concentration.
  • And the last piece of advice is to relax and play Bitcoin Poker games for your enjoyment.

How to Receive a Bitcoin Poker Bonus

One of the reasons that make online crypto Poker stand out among all alternative formats is BTC bonuses. You may get incentives from the casino in several ways. Register at our Bitcoin Poker site and claim a BTC bonus from the 7BitCasino welcome pack. Newcomers are gifted with Bitcoin bonuses matching the first four deposits.

Existing members also receive their piece of the Bitcoin Poker bonus pie in our crypto casino. We offer Monday reload bonuses, cashback, and loyalty promotions. Play Poker with Bitcoin mindfully, and you may even win a jackpot in this thrilling game.

Summary on Bitcoin Poker

Using cryptocurrency for online Poker will raise your gambling experience to a new level. Forget about sluggish payouts and irrational fees! Bitcoin Poker will spare you from this headache. At 7BitCasino, you can enjoy a vast selection of Poker game versions to any liking.

Join 7BitCasino right away and get a lavish BTC bonus to play the best crypto Poker games!

Bitcoin Poker FAQ

What is Bitcoin Poker?

Bitcoin Poker covers all Poker game variations that you play online with cryptocurrency.

Is blockchain Poker safe?

Absolutely! When you play Poker with Bitcoins, you can be confident in 100% safe payouts that run on the decentralized blockchain platform. It is completely protected from fraud and hackers.

Yes, online Bitcoin Poker is allowed in most countries and vicinities worldwide. Just make sure to gamble on a trusted and licensed crypto Poker site, such as 7BitCasino.

Can I gamble Bitcoin Poker for free?

Yes, you can practice online BTC Poker via free demo versions at 7Bit casino.

Are crypto Poker games mobile-friendly?

Sure! You can gamble your favorite crypto Poker games on all mobile devices operated by iOS and Android.

How can I withdraw my winnings from a Bitcoin Poker site?

Go to the “Balance” page of your casino account. Select BTC in the currency field and specify a sum you want to withdraw from the Bitcoin Poker site. Provide your crypto wallet address and confirm the payout request.

Can I receive a Bitcoin Poker bonus?

Of course! Sign up at 7BitCasino and deposit in BTC. You will be gratified with a bonus to play Poker with Bitcoin.

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