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Play Sevens Slot Machine

The Belarusian company, Belatra Games, is widely known for its services in the gambling business. Among the long list of Belatra slots, Sevens Slot is the one that you must not miss out on! It is designed to take you back to the roots, a classic of sorts, and promises exceptional cash prizes. You can even earn a top jackpot prize of 30,000 coins when betting to the max.

Sevens slot game has successfully made it to the lobbies of some of the best online casinos due to its easy gameplay and other cool features. Learn more about this classic slot.

Sevens Slot Theme and Visual Appearance

Sevens Slot, developed with the theme of traditional casinos in mind, will make you comfortable with its simple fruity aesthetics. The website is painted in vivid and bright tones, which has become a common trend in online casinos.

Sevens features a 3-reel, 5-pay line, and in that lies its beauty. The traditional arcade symbols of cherries, plums, oranges, and the number 7, further enhance the game's traditional outlook. The icons are two-dimensional, filled with solid colors, and laid on a dark background, usually black or blue.

It is safe to say that colorful Sevens' Slot machine graphics and overall theme are prominent points of attraction to new players.

Sevens Slot Features

Like other well-known slot games, the Sevens Slot also offers a variety of exciting features, including:

The Risk Game

A favorite among those who enjoy taking risks, Risk Games can drastically increase your winning prize. These side games typically involve placing bets on various predictions to double or quadruple the size of their winning amounts.

Some popular Risk Games include guessing the color of a playing card or the cards with a higher number sequence.

Bonuses and Free Spins

Sevens does not explicitly offer any bonuses or bonus games. However, their risk games fall under the category of bonuses as they allow the player to increase their wins.

Moreover, free spins are also not offered at Slot Sevens. But you can still play the free Sevens Slot machine to test your luck.

Symbols and Winning Combinations

The five pay lines, spread in vertical and horizontal directions, require a combination of any three matching icons to make up a combo. If the player manages to form a line of three equivalent symbols in a single spin, it counts as a winning combination.

How to Play Sevens Slot?

The game is not different from your usual slot machines, and it can't get any simpler. You just have to click the START button, and the reels will start rolling, forming combinations that may or may not let you win!

The maximum amount of wager you can place is 100 coins per line, which totals 500 credits for a single bet. You can go as low as one (1) credit per line, which lets you place a bet of 5 credits.

How to Win?

After placing your bets, you can look forward to spinning the reels and hitting a winning combination. All you need is the symbols to match up on consecutive reels with those listed in the payout table - and voila, you have hit the jackpot!

How Much Can You Win in the Sevens Slot?

The winning amount in Sevens Slot depends on the combination of symbols that the player manages to achieve. A total of 30,000 coins are awarded when the player scores a formation of three triple 7 icons in the pay lines.

Different combinations have specific payback values. You can also win money by paying real cash in a deposit and accessing the game through legitimate forums.

Winning Symbols Combination Winning Amount
Three Triple 7s 300x value of the bet per line
Three Single 7s 200x value of the bet per line
Three Oranges 100x value of the bet per line

Where Can You Play Sevens?

7BitCasino is a place to enjoy Sevens Slot. Pick our licensed site, especially when betting with real money. Signing up on our website typically requires you to create an account that you can use to play your favorite slots. Nowadays, you can deposit and withdraw money in cryptocurrency, which is a great way to earn a bitcoin casino bonus. More so, our casino accepts other fiat payment methods.


If you want to experience gambling on retro slot machines, Slots Seven is the right choice. The game offers extensive features, a user-friendly interface, and brilliant prizes to make you a fan. You can also easily play it on a mobile device.

In addition to that, the overall traditional theme of Sevens Slot provides an immersive experience for the players. The game is accessible through many online gambling institutions, with some requiring an id and password, each handing out its perks and privileges.

Sevens Slot FAQs

Is Sevens Slot Good for Newbies?

Yes, Sevens Slot is an excellent choice for newbies. It is simple and easy to navigate. You can start playing by accessing our casino's website and clicking the Play button.

Can I Play Sevens Slot for Free?

Yes, you can play Sevens Slot for free. Just look for the demo version of this game.

How Do You Beat the Sevens Slot Machine?

As with any gambling game, you need a bit of good fortune to beat the Sevens Slot machine. The random outputs generated in the game are unpredictable so there is no set way to always score a win.

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