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Play Plinko Slot Machine

The Plinko slot is a game for old soul gamblers. Not only is this game loved by players that are into gambling, but it also has huge payouts. Plinko slot is originally based on a popular TV game show, “The Price is Right.” The game show itself was very famous back in the day, and many Las Vegas casinos adapted the game.

The Plinko slot machine is one of the BGaming slots. The studio did justice to this classic nostalgic slot machine and brought to life a game that can be described as a gambler’s treasure dream.

Plinko casino slot machine game is such a casino game that’s truly unpredictable and requires a lot of luck. It has high-risk gameplay.

Its features include risk level, autoplay, line select, and provability. It also has an RTP of 99%, which will give you a lot of opportunities to get a big win.

So if you like playing a high-risk, high stake game, then Plinko slot is the best option for you.

Pros And Cons To Play Plinko Slot


  1. The graphics of the game are very nice.
  2. It has many wild symbols.
  3. Great soundtrack, which sounds like the game show itself.
  4. High RTP (99%).
  5. Autoplay feature is very convenient.
  6. Features 16 pay lines.
  7. Built-in provability slot feature.
  8. The game is fun to play with high rewards.


  1. The top win of the game is lesser than most games.
  2. Maximum bet of only 100 coins.

Plinko Theme, Graphics, Soundtrack

Plinko follows the classic theme of The Price is Right game show. In this game, the players had to invest some money to buy chips or the chance to bet. Later, they would roll a ball down a vertical triangle.

The lane that the ball landed on would be numbered 1-16. You would need to hover your mouse over the lane number to see the color of the slots.

Overall, the game looks neat with good quality graphics. The background of the game is bright blue, which is again a tribute to The Price is Right TV show. BGaming studios game developers also managed to incorporate the music of the TV show into the Plinko game. A game's soundtrack is very important because it motivates the player to play more. And when those bursts of nostalgia hit you when the theme plays, it really makes you want to play more.

Plinko Slot Machine Features

Every slot machine needs to have some bonus features that attract the players and keep them playing. Let's take a look at what features the Plinko casino slot machine has.

Bonuses & Free Spins

Playing Plinko grants you a lot of bonuses and free spins. The Plinko slot is very generous when it comes to the reward system.

So when you play Plinko, you’ll find yourself playing for a long time because of its rewards and bonuses. The game has been developed in such a clever way that it keeps players trapped in it.

RTP And Variance

The Plinko slot game has an RTP of 99%. This is huge and higher than most average casino games. This makes the game more fun to play because we know that there’s such a high chance of winning big.

The variance of the game is variable. It cannot be determined because the game is entirely random and unbiased. This makes it both challenging, and the curiosity makes you want to invest in it more. No wonder the Plinko slot was so popular in Las Vegas Casinos.

Symbols, Multipliers, Prizes

The Plinko slot game consists of a triangular board that is distinguishable from the classic rectangle board used in The Price is Right or Las Vegas casinos.

This was the idea of the game developers to make the game more fun and challenging. The triangle has pegs inside it which can lead to different outcomes and multipliers. There may also be some hidden bonus rounds that you can unlock.

Your reward is entirely dependent upon where the ball lands. At the bottom of the triangle, there are several multipliers in each lane. You can use the autoplay feature and launch 50-100 balls at a chance to try your luck and hit the jackpot.

How to Play a Plinko Slot Machine?

So now that we’ve covered the basics of the game, we should also see how to play Plinko online. Yes, the risk level is high, but this is what makes the game interesting, exciting, and fun to play.

How to Win Plinko

How do you win at Plinko? We cannot stress this enough but play the demo mode of the game first. Playing in the demo mode can get you accustomed to the basic rules of the game, and you can devise a strategy to effectively invest in the game.

Whenever we try something new, we don’t head into the unknown. We need to first devise a strategy and then win. Here’s where the Plinko slot demo version will help you a lot.

Always remember to set apart some money and limit your gambling funds. Keep a time limit on how much you want to play so that you're not going broke at the start of the month. Big shots at Las Vegas brick-and-mortar casinos don’t blindly spend their money. They plan to win.

An easy formula to effectively increase your chances of winnings is:

  1. Adjust your risk level before playing each hand.
  2. The autoplay mode might help you minimize losses. If manual mode suits you better, go for it.
  3. Adjust your minimum and maximum bet per drop.
  4. Choose whether you want to play 8 or 16 lanes.

Bet Sizes & Max Wins

The minimum size for the Plinko game is 1.00 coins, and the maximum bet is 100.00 coins. When playing all 16 lanes, you can win 1000 times your stake, which is the max win.

Where Can You Play Plinko Slot?

Plinko slot is available on many platforms such as mobile devices, laptops, tablets, etc. And the best place to experience the game for yourself is 7BitCasino.

You should choose our platform, because it has the bitcoin casino welcome bonus as well. This will ensure that you have an edge when starting the game. It will also save you money and increase your chances of winning.


Plinko slot is an online casino game developed by BGaming slots. It is based on the popular TV show The Price is Right. The slot has 8-reels and 8-16 pay lines.

The game has bonus features such as autoplay and variable volatility. It has an RTP of 99%, which grants you big wins and a high-risk level of playing.

Plinko Slot FAQs

Can I Play Plinko Slot Demo For Free?

Yes, Plinko slot demo mode is available to play for free.

Can I Play Plinko For Real Money?

Yes, you can play Plinko for real money.

Is Plinko a Good Game For Newbies?

With a high-risk level, it might not be suitable for new players, but you can change the risk level on each drop. Newbies can start with eight pay lines.

Can I Play Plinko on my mobile and tablet?

Yes, the Plinko slot is easy to access on both mobile devices and tablets.

Specs Value
Slot Name Plinko
Software BGaming
RTP 99%
Volatility Variable
Payline 8
Reels 8
Min Bet 1.00 coins
Max Bet 100.00 coins
Top Win 1000x
Features Autoplay, variable volatility, multipliers