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Play Penalty Shoot Out Slot Online

Players are always looking for something new, with thousands of slots falling down the same 5 reel path. With that in mind, 7BitCasino presents you with a novel slot known as the Penalty Shoot Out machine by Evoplay Entertainment game provider; the game allows you to grab massive payouts by indulging in a Shoot Out. Gather all your winnings in a much more interactive way.

The Penalty Shootout slot has no reels, paylines, etc.. Instead, you are right on the soccer field in front of the goalpost shooting for the win, with the observant goalkeeper in front of it. Besides, there are no jackpots, wild symbol, scatter symbol, spins, or bonus free spins, but a unique setup where a successful goal is taken as a winning combination.

Forget the traditional slot games with reels and explore a new way to boost your balance. Sign up now on 7BitCasino and see if you can match the power of Cristiano Ronaldo and the accuracy of Messi in the Penalty Shoot Out slot, or read out the game review to find out more about the game. You can also test your skills in the Penalty Shoot Out demo.

Pros & Cons of Penalty Shoot Out Slot

Penalty Shootout is highly immersive with a unique and novel theme. However, as always, it has a few drawbacks as well, with the details being the following:


  • Immersive theme;
  • Unique gameplay;
  • Eye-catching 3D design;
  • Decent RTP of 96%.


  • Low max payout of only 30x.

Penalty Shoot Out Casino Slot Game Football Theme, Graphics & Soundtrack

Penalty Shootout from Evoplay Entertainment holds a highly realistic outlook carrying fantastic 3D graphics. The stage for the Shootout is set inside a soccer stadium filled with fans chanting slogans loud and clear. You can even see the camera flashes in the background. Besides, the machine incorporates highly compelling 3D animations combined with heart-thumping sound effects to keep you well within the theme. Overall, Penalty Shoot Out delivers highly immersive gameplay filled with thrilling football sensations and massive payout opportunities.

Penalty Shoot Out Slot Game Features

Even though Penalty Shootout holds a pretty unique setup, Evoplay Entertainment has still managed to slide in a few standard features:

Free Spins Bonus Game

There are no bonus free spins. Instead, for each wager, you will be getting 5 shots at the goal. This means that you will pay just for your first shot, and the rest of the four shots will be given to you as bonus free spins.

Symbols, Goals, And Prizes

You will be getting five shots in each round of the game. The total payout for each round depends on the number of consecutive goals.

The multiplier has values of 1.92x, 3.84x, 7.68x, 15.36x, and 30.72 depending on the scored goal. According to the game's rules, you can get up to 30x your stakes by scoring 5 consecutive goals.

  • 1st Goal: 1.92x
  • 2nd Goal: 3.84x
  • 3rd Goal: 7.68x
  • 4th Goal: 15.36x
  • 5th Goal: 30x.

How To Play a Penalty Shoot Out Slot Game?

Here is a step-by-step guide on how you can play online:

  • Sign up on the 7BitCasino site;
  • Select a team before playing and set your stakes.
  • For each kick, choose 1 out of 5 points where you want to kick the ball, like the upper left corner or lower right corner. You can also click "Random" and let the RNG (Random Number Generator) choose for itself.
  • When you have scored a goal, you can click on the "Collect" button and collect your payout, or you can wait for all 5 shots to be made and then collect your win at the end of the round. One goal will give you back 1.92x your stake.

How To Win?

You will have to score as many goals as possible to register a win while playing Penalty Shootout online casinos machine. This machine has no paylines, only a 1:5 odds of a goal. But we see this more as an advantage: with other machines, the payouts are often opaque and incomprehensible. Here you know exactly when a payment is made and how much you get for it.

Bet Sizes & Max Wins

The minimum bet is $0.1, while the maximum bet is $1000. A relatively small stake is recommended so that you can play longer and don't have to give up after just a few attempts. The maximum possible payout for each round is 30x your stake or $30,000, considering the maximum bet.

On Which Stadium To Play Penalty Shoot Out?

7BitCasino lays out the best pitch to play the fantastic Penalty Shoot Out online casino slot. You can play Bitcoin slots for several different cryptocurrencies, including Bitcoin, Ethereum, Dogecoin, and Bitcoin Cash. Besides, you can also get a head start in the game thanks to the 7BitCasino welcome bonus of up to 1 BTC. Moreover, there is also a multi-tier VIP program where you will be getting a whole lot of daily and weekly rewards and deposit bonuses on different bitcoin slots.


Evoplay Entertainment has really initiated a new field of video slots filled with more realistic and immersive gameplay. Yes, there are no free spins or jackpots, but it is more of an experimental slot and has really put out a show that is pretty hard to ignore.

Football fans are sure to be highly enthusiastic about this slot machine and will spend a lot of time with it. Test the Penalty Shootout casino free demo for yourself at 7BitCasino.

Penalty Shootout Slot FAQs

What is the RTP of Penalty Shoot Out?

Penalty Shootout RTP stands at 96%.

Are free spins available?

Yes, 7BitCasino offers plenty of free spins for the Penalty Shoot Out slot.

Can I Penalty Shoot Out Slot Game Play for Free Or Real Money?

Yes, you can play the Penalty Shootout free demo online and sign up on 7BitCasino to play it for real money.

Specs Value
Slot Name Penalty Shoot Out
Software Evoplay
Min Bet, % 0.01
Max Win 30x stake
RTP 96%
Theme Sports