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Play Triple Dragon Slot Machine

Triple Dragon Slot Machine is an online slot game made by Platipus Gaming. The slot machine features a 6x4 layout. It has an oriental or Asian theme that features 5-reels and 50 pay lines for huge rewards. The game is a typical Platipus slot with bitcoin as a valid transaction method, making it the best choice for players who like to trade in cryptocurrency.

The game is based on three dragons. It uses traditional Japanese and Chinese elements and uses them for character building and storytelling.

So try the game and determine whether you’re fit to bask in the glory of the three legendary mighty dragons and share in their reward.

Pros & Cons

When you start a new game, you should always consider if the game’s worth the time and effort or not. There’s no point in investing real money into online slots if the chances of winning are low.

The same goes to this slot as well, each player needs to evaluate all pros and cons before investing. Fortunately, we’ve compiled a short and useful list of all the features of the Triple Dragon slot. Check it out and you have no doubts that the game is worth your attention:

Why play Triple Dragon Slot:

  1. Many people love the classic 6x4 layout.
  2. Good graphics quality.
  3. Engaging storytelling elements.
  4. Minimum bet is really low ($0.01).
  5. High volatility.
  6. Many Free Spins.
  7. Has bonus rounds.
  8. Has the autoplay feature, which prevents losses.

Why not to play Triple Dragon Slot:

  1. Top win is only x800 times the stakes.
  2. Lower than average RTP (94.98%).
  3. Lower Paylines than other slots.

Triple Dragon Oriental Theme, Graphics & Soundtrack

The Triple Dragon Slot Online game is based on Japanese or Chinese folklore and cultures. It boasts an Asian theme. Another integral part of the game is the revered dragons that represent purity, wealth, and strength — three dragons for three aspects.

The triple dragon slot machine has a visually appealing style with a bright and colorful scheme featuring shades of blue, red, and gold. We have to credit Platipus game developers for giving the game beautiful graphics that immerse the player in the world of slot fantasy.

As expected from an Asian-themed game, we can look forward to a lot of oriental music, kind of like the ones you see in online Japanese video games or movies. The catchy tune keeps you focused on the game and builds anticipation for the upcoming reward. The bonus rounds have their own music scheme.

Triple Dragon Slot Machine Features

Many online casinos feature the triple dragon slot. It is well-loved by new gamblers as it is a low-risk, low-paying game. Let’s discuss the bonus features of this game.

Bonuses & Free Spins

The game has numerous bonus features that you can take advantage of. These are especially helpful in planning for winning combinations to get the highest reward possible.

First off, the game has a 6x4 layout with five reels and 50 pay lines that you can benefit from. Apart from this, let’s take a look at the important bonus features.

Bonus rounds are an integral part of any online slot game. Triple Dragon Slot free online game also has a few bonus rounds.

The gold coin bonus symbol can trigger the bonus round for the player, which can lead to huge rewards. The bonus round can multiply your payout by 20x, 40x, 80x, 150x, or even 400x. So it’s useful if you get this winning combination.

One bonus feature is the free spins. These can be triggered either by wild symbols or Chinese card symbols that can lead to a big win.

Another and maybe the most useful bonus feature is the autoplay feature. You can minimize losses with this feature. You may also use turbo spins to speed up the auto-process.

Symbols, Multipliers, and Prizes

Let’s talk about what symbols we’ll find in the game and what symbol holds the highest value. Keep in mind that these scatter symbols will ultimately determine the prize. If you can get free spins, getting a lot of wild symbols won’t be a problem.

The golden dragon has the highest value of 800x. It will be an important factor for a huge reward or big win. If you manage to get the golden dragon, you might even unlock bonus rounds that may trigger bonus symbols and add to your reward.

Other bonus symbols include the blue and green dragon, which have multipliers of 350x and 225x, respectively. More scatter symbols include the samurai 175x, lotus blossom 100x, shoes 80x, A & K 60x, and 10-Q 50x. You may even encounter some wild symbols.

Getting a winning combination either horizontally or vertically might get you bonus rounds, free spin bonuses, multipliers, and much more.

Symbol Payout value
Golden Dragon 350x
Blue Dragon 350x
Green Dragon 225x
Samurai 150-200x
Lotus Blossom 100x
Shoes 80x
A & K 60x

How to Play Triple Dragon?

So, now that you know about the features of the game, you should know how to play it.

How to Win a Triple Dragon Slot Machine?

First off, you need to place a bet. The minimum bet is $0.01, and the maximum bet is $1. There is a green button at the lower right corner that will make the reels spin.

Try to keep a minimum of 100 spins every day to ensure your victory and get a good payout.

Bet Sizes & Max Wins

The minimum bet is $0.01. The maximum bet is $1. You can win up to 800x your stake.

Where Can You Play the Triple Dragon Slot Machine?

Nowadays, online bitcoin casino slot machines are quite popular. Many free games are available at online casinos. You can play the game using your mobile device, tablet, or laptop. You just need to log into 7BitCasino.


Triple Dragon Slot Machine is an online casino game developed by Platipus Gaming. It has beautiful graphics with a vivid color scheme and features an Asian-themed setting with a golden dragon as the main protagonist.

The gameplay has a 6x4 layout with five pay lines and many bonus features such as bonus rounds, free bonus spins, stacker symbols with multipliers, and bonus symbols. It also has a turbo spin and an autoplay feature.

The Triple Dragon Slot is a good game recommended for new players who like to take fewer risks and are satisfied with an average payout. The minimum bet is $0.01, while the maximum bet is $1. You can win up to 800x your stakes.

Triple Dragon Slot FAQs

Do I Need to Download the Triple Dragon Slot App?

The game is available at 7BitCasino. You don’t need to download any additional software. Simply visit the website using your browser, find the game and you’re good to go.

Can I Play on a Desktop?

Yes, the game is available to play on a desktop.

Can I Play Mobile or tablet?

Triple Dragon Slot can be played via a mobile device or tablet.

Specs Value
Slot Name Triple Dragon
Software Platipus Gaming
Reels 5
Paylines 5
Min Bet, $ 0.10
Maximum Bet, $ 1
Max Win 800x
RTP 94.98%
Volatility High
Features Bonus Game, Bonus Free Spins, Multiplier, 5-reels, Stacker Symbols, Wild Symbols, Bonus Symbols, Autoplay, Turbo Spin, High Volatility