In this guide, we will shed light on how to increase your winning chances with the Roulette Dozens strategy. Bets on dozens in online Roulette are the second most popular after even-money stakes on color. Plus, they pay off more generously.

Playing by the proven Roulette Dozens systems, gamblers can minimize the probability of loss. A time-tested betting technique may reward you with sizable returns. Make sure to read this article up to the end. 7BitCasino experts will share a few professional tips to play the dozens in Roulette to get maximum advantage.


In online Roulette, playing the Dozens refers to bets covering twelve consecutive numbers: 1-12, 13-24, or 25-36. The Dozen bet is placed on the special boxes marked 1st 12, 2nd 12, or 3rd 12 of the Roulette table. Stakes on dozens refer to outside betting.

The Dozens bets in Roulette can be divided into low, middle, and high dozens:

  1. Low Dozen – numbers from 1 to 12;
  2. Middle Dozen – numbers from 12 to 24;
  3. High Dozen – numbers from 25 to 36.
Dozens bets in Roulette

While beginners and conservative casino players usually opt for red/black stakes in online Roulette, more experienced gamblers prefer to play the dozens. Stakes on color come with a lower risk, but the pitfall is that they pay off even money (1:1). At this point, most players forget to add the house edge of 2.70% in the European Roulette. The double zero pocket wheel in the American Roulette increases the house edge to 5.26%. It means that a player needs to subtract this percentage from his payout in case of a win.

If you want to know the secret of winning with color bets, we invite you to read our expert guidelines on the best Roulette Red or Black strategy.

For those who got tired a bit from even money bets, we suggest trying their luck by wagering on dozens or columns.


The Dozens bets in online Roulette are often compared to the Columns stakes. Dozen and column bets have a lot in common. They have the same odds and house edge. Bets on dozens and columns cover the equal amount of the Roulette table. Casino players often like to switch between both types to diversify their gambling experience. Finally, when you play the dozens or columns, the payout for Roulette will be the same 2:1.

For example:

You bet $10 on dozens and hit a win. With the payout of 2 to 1, your winning will be $20. In total, $30 will return on your real money balance after the first spin.

For a better visual perception of how to bet columns and dozens with Roulette strategy, take a look at the picture below. It illustrates the classic Roulette table layout. If you want to cover three different Dozen stakes faster, just place the chips on the 1st 12, 2nd 12, and 3rd 12 zones.

Column bets cover twelve numbers in any of the three columns of the Roulette table. These stakes are marked as 2 to 1. In total, we have three Dozen stakes and three Column stakes. Each of them covers twelve numbers on the Roulette table.

how to bet columns and dozens with Roulette strategy

A Snake bet is another option to play the Dozens in Roulette. A snake bet also covers twelve numbers, but the sequence will look this way: 1, 5, 9, 12, 14, 16, 19, 23, 27, 30, 32, and 34. The name of this bet is no accident. This stake depicts a two-head snake. One head is located near 1, and the second head is near 34. A bettor should pick out one of two heads for placing his chips.


Roulette returns with outside Dozens bets are higher than with stakes paying even money (color, Even/Odd, Low/High). Of course, the house edge modifies the final payout by the end. Check the odds of winning Roulette with dozen and column wagers in the table below.

Roulette odds for dozen and column bets

Bet typePayoffAmerican Roulette odds (%)European Roulette odds (%)

There are several proven Roulette betting strategies for dozens. One of the most widely used is the iconic Martingale system. Another efficient betting technique is the Fibonacci Dozens strategy for online Roulette.

Play the Dozens in the Martingale Way

The Martingale betting system is one of the most well-known among casino players. A lot of gamblers apply this betting technique for Dozen bets. But we need to warn you that this Roulette Dozens strategy stands for negative progression. You double your stake after each loss. It means that a player risks bumping into the table limits in the long run of losing streaks. This Roulette betting strategy for Dozens is more suitable for high rollers. Low-stake fans should better opt for less risky Roulette techniques.

Example of the Roulette Dozens strategy by Martingale system

RoundBet sizeOutcomeProfit

Try the Fibonacci Dozens System for Roulette

The Fibonacci system is often used for betting on Dozens in the Roulette game. This strategy was developed by the eminent math guru from Italy Leonardo Fibonacci. The Fibonacci Dozens strategy for Roulette involves increasing a stake after a loss in the following progression. Each next wager is the combination of two previous numbers. See the example below.

The Fibonacci Dozens Roulette strategy bet example:

  • First bet: $1
  • Second bet: $1+$1 = $2
  • Third bet: $1+$2= $3
  • Fourth bet: $2+$3 = $5

The Fibonacci method is also popular with even money stakes. But when you apply it to play the dozens, you will receive a 2/1 payoff for every winning spin of the Roulette wheel.

We wrote about the Fibonacci method and other successful betting techniques in our ultimate guide on the best Roulette strategies to win. We recommend reading this article too.


Except for the well-recognized Roulette betting strategies for Dozens, there are several very effective systems that keep a low profile. Casino players may be unfamiliar with these techniques. And we decided to fix this mistake.

Below, we uncovered four time-tested and really working Roulette Dozens strategies:

  1. Two Dozens
  2. Palestis System
  3. Flat Bet Dozen Strategy
  4. Samuel Blankson Method
Roulette betting strategies for Dozens

Dozens Roulette Strategy No.1: “Two Dozens”

The first method we want to shed light on is called Two Dozens betting. The strategy name says for itself. A player makes two simultaneous bets on two Dozens instead of one. The brilliance of this Roulette Dozen strategy is a more generous payout ratio of 2:3.

For example,

You want to bet $20 and split your stake into two Dozens. You bet $10 on the first Dozen and $10 on the middle Dozen. Your odds to win are 2/3. The ball lands on the number 8. It means that your stake on the first Dozen wins. So, you return your initial bet of $10 + get a net profit of $20. Your $10 bet on the second Dozen losses.

The example shows that you have a 2/3 chance of winning $20 and only a 1/3 probability of losing $10. The odds are not bad. So it’s up to you to decide whether to take a risk or not.

The advantage of this Roulette Dozens system is that you cover more numbers on the table (24 instead of 12). The progression in this case will look a bit different from that on a single dozen.

  • One Dozen betting progression: 1 – 2 – 3 – 4 – 6 – 9 – 13 – 20 – 30 – 45 – 67 – 100
  • Two Dozens betting progression: 1 – 3 – 9 – 27 – 81 – 243

As you see, the progression increases by three times with every spin. You need to triple your stake after every loss. Some gamblers call this Roulette Dozen strategy a Triple Martingale. Betting on two dozens is a working betting system yet steep. Please note that we recommend it only for gamblers with sufficient bankrolls.

Dozens Roulette Strategy No.2: “Palestis System”

The Palestis system is one of the best Roulette betting strategies for dozens and columns. Unlike the previous method, the Palestis system is suitable for low- and middle-stake gamblers. This strategy was invented by two Roulette professionals Harry J and Palestis. Their method is based on the progressive wagering linked to the results of previous spins.

The Palestis Roulette Dozen strategy involves studying the history of the wheel. You should wait for a trigger – column or dozen outcomes during the last three spins. The Palestis system states that the probability of hitting a win arises from the law of the third. When you notice a sequence, you place your next bet on a dozen or a column depending on the previous results. In simple words, you need to identify “hot” zones on the Roulette table.

Examples of the Palestis Roulette betting system on dozens:

ExampleOutcomes for 3 spins (sequence)The next bet should be
122-17-353rd dozen
23-11-122nd dozen
325-3-311st dozen

The Palestis Roulette strategy for dozens involves increasing a stake by one unit after a loss. If you win, you bet a starting amount. As you see, the Palestis system stands for negative progression. But it doesn’t come with a high risk of losing all your money. The plus-one-unit betting progression is perfect for players with a modest bankroll.

Dozens Roulette Strategy No.3: “Flat Bet”

The flat bet single dozen Roulette strategy was invented by mathematician Izak Matatya. It works great for dozen and column stakes. Similar to the Palestis system, a player’s goal is to determine dominant dozens. A player should switch between dozens depending on the “hot and cold” numbers sequence in the previous rounds.

The flat bet dozen Roulette strategy doesn’t involve increasing a wager after a loss or a win. You keep it the same (fixed) regardless of the previous outcomes. That’s why the method is called flat betting. The flat Roulette Dozens system is ideal for beginners and low-stake gamblers. It comes with a minimum risk. We recommend using the flat betting system on dozens in European and French Roulette.

Dozens Roulette Strategy No.4: “Samuel Blankson Method”

This Dozens Roulette strategy was designed by the gambling expert Samuel Blankson. He described this system in his book How to Win at Online Roulette, 2nd Edition (2007).

“When you bet on one dozen and increased your stake by 50% each time you lost, you would eventually win two times your starting stake. When you win, you should reset your stakes to the starting stake for your next bet.”

Blankson shows his system in action on the example of a $1 to $100 stake list. His betting progression for dozens looks this way:

1 – 1.5 – 2.3 – 3.4 – 5.1 – 7.6 – 11.4 – 17.1 – 25.6 – 38.4 – 57.7 – 86.5

Samuel Blankson says the pitfall of his Dozens Roulette strategy is table limits. That’s why he adjusted his system to maximize wins. The expert proposes the following technique:

“Review the last fifteen spin results. Count how many spins landed in each set of twelve. The most popular will be the set of twelve that experienced the most wins. Place your next set of bets on the most popular set of twelve.”

You can see how Blankson’s Roulette betting strategy for dozens works on the diagram below.

Diagram of the Dozen Bet Technique in Roulette

Diagram of the Dozen Bet Technique in Roulette


Any Roulette Dozen strategy has its advantages and drawbacks. We want to stress that there is no perfect strategy to win all the time in the game of luck. The goal of the best Dozens strategies for Roulette is to make you a winner in the long run. A player should complete the game with a net profit.

Pros of the Roulette Dozens strategies:

  • These betting systems are easy to understand, even for amateurs.
  • Strategies can be used for dozen and column bets.
  • A winning stake pays 2:1, but not even money.
  • There are efficient systems both for high rollers and low-stake gamblers.
  • Most methods stand for safe fixed progression betting.

Cons of the Roulette Dozens strategies:

  • They don’t change the house edge.
  • Players can reach table limits.


At 7BitCasino, we are 100% sure that practice makes perfect. We suggest all players test different Roulette Dozens systems in free demo versions. Demo simulators will help you boost your proficiency in different game variations.

After practicing, you can switch to real money mode. Play the dozens and make wins in cryptocurrency. Claim a Bitcoin casino welcome bonus from 7Bit. It will significantly improve your chances to multiply your earnings in online Roulette.


A successful Roulette Dozens strategy is your key to profitable gameplay at the best online Bitcoin casino. You can get your expected value with each winning spin of the Roulette wheel. But please note! Whatever strategy you use to play the dozens, you should set your loss limits and a win target. Stick to these parameters while playing, and you will finish the game as a winner.


What is “play the dozens” meaning in online Roulette?

Play the dozens meaning in online Roulette relates to betting on Dozens.

How to bet on Dozens in online Roulette?

The Dozen bet is placed on the special boxes marked 1st 12, 2nd 12, or 3rd 12 of the online Roulette table.

Can I play the dozens in online Roulette with Bitcoin?

Sure! You can apply any proven Dozens strategy mentioned above to maximize your winning chances in Bitcoin online Roulette. Don’t forget to claim your BTC casino bonus.

Does the Roulette Dozens strategy work?

There are several proven Roulette Dozens strategies that really work. Examples are the Fibonacci Dozens system and Palestis strategy.

Is the Roulette Dozen strategy legal?

Yes! All Roulette Dozen strategies described in this guide are totally legal. You can apply these systems to play in the online casino.

Are the Roulette Dozens strategies safe?

Roulette Dozens strategies are safe. Just manage your bankroll wisely and set a limit on losses to minimize the risk to hurt your balance.

Can I use the Dozens strategy in live Roulette?

You may use any Roulette Dozens strategy at your choice to bet on dozens in Bitcoin live Roulette with real dealers.

What is the difference between Roulette table vs. Roulette wheel Dozens strategy?

Different Roulette Dozens strategies stand for negative, positive, or fixed progression betting. That is why some of these systems are more suitable for high rollers. Others fit low- and middle-stake casino players.

How to get columns and dozens Roulette strategies that will help me win?

Choose the Roulette strategy for Dozens and Columns that suit your bankroll and gambling style. Decide whether you want to play aggressively or prefer more riskless betting systems.

What is the best Dozens strategy in Roulette?

Read our guide to learn about the best Dozens strategies in Roulette. All these betting systems are effective and time-tested.

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