Roulette is one of the most long-standing games. It has been around for three centuries and counting. There are many different strategies to win at Roulette. The Reverse Martingale or Anti Martingale strategy is considered one of the safest. Casino players often rely on this system to enhance winning odds and beat the house.

In this guide, we will explain how to apply the Reverse Martingale system in practice. We will uncover the pros and cons of this betting technique for online Roulette. In the end, we will share proven tips on how to play Roulette by the Anti Martingale method to your maximum advantage.



The Reverse Martingale strategy is the offshoot of the iconic Martingale system. The original Martingale method takes its roots from the 18th century. It is one of the oldest Roulette betting systems so far. Gambling experts divide in their opinions considering the efficiency of this method. Still, the Martingale system successfully passed the test of time and expanded with several counterparts.

The Reverse or Anti Martingale strategy is also known as Paroli or Parlay betting. Its principle is taking winnings from a previous stake for the next bet. The expert Victor Bethell was the first to describe this wagering tactic in his book Monte Carlo Anecdotes and Systems to Play (1910).

Victor Bethell is not the official founder of the Reverse Martingale system. There is evidence that the Anti Martingale betting method was first used in a popular Italian game Basset in the 16th century. Basset was the card game played only by the representatives of the highest social ranks.

Facts to know about the Reverse Martingale system:

  • The Reverse Martingale strategy can be applied to such games as Craps, Baccarat, and Sic Bo.
  • This system is also used by traders.
  • Betting by the Anti-Martingale method doesn’t require a sizable bankroll.
  • This betting technique is considered one of the most riskless for Roulette players.
  • The Reverse Martingale strategy is totally legal.
  • Both online and land-based casinos allow players to use the Anti-Martingale system.
  • Gamblers may apply this method to play Bitcoin casino table games.


The Reverse Martingale strategy refers to progressive betting. The system is based on positive progression, while the classic Martingale stands for negative progression. Progressive betting in Roulette is associated with safe gameplay. It works best for amateurs and players with a modest budget. We explained the peculiarities of progressive and non-progressive betting in our full guide on the best Roulette winning strategies.

The Reverse Martingale Roulette strategy advises the following betting algorithm. A player doubles his bet after a win, but not after a loss like in the original Martingale system. He keeps increasing his stake after each winning spin. When he loses, he bets the initial amount.

anti martingale roulette system.jpg

The Anti Martingale Roulette system suggests starting with the lowest stake. A player needs to decide on the minimum sum of money as his initial wager. He keeps on flat bets (betting the same amount) until he hits a win. A player keeps doubling until he loses again.

The concept of the Roulette Reverse Martingale strategy is based on the idea that wins and losses come in streaks. The main goal of this system is to take the maximum advantage of winning streaks and minimize the damage of losing streaks. Now, you see why gambling experts call the Anti Martingale method one of the most stable wagering techniques in the games of chance.

Steps in the Reverse Martingale Roulette strategy:

  1. Set the initial stake.
  2. Start wagering with one unit.
  3. Stay on flat betting if you lose.
  4. Keep doubling after every win.
  5. Parlay your wins until you reach your winning target.

Reverse Martingale betting is often associated with “hot and cold hands” wagering. You get winning streaks when you have a “hot hand”. In contrast, a “cold hand” results in losing streaks. However, we don’t recommend bettors to rely entirely on a hot hand as Roulette is the game of luck in the first place.

Now, let’s see how the Reverse or Anti Martingale strategy works in practice at online Roulette (see the table below).

Example of the Reverse Martingale System in Roulette

Round Bet amount Outcome Net profit
1 $5 Loss -$5
2 $5 Loss -$10
3 $5 Loss -$15
4 $5 Win -$10
5 $10 Win $0
6 $20 Win +$20

As the example above shows, a player bids the same amount during three losing rounds. He doubles his original stake after a win in the 4th round. After winning in the 5th round, the player increases his bet again and places a chip equal to $20 for the next spin. After six rounds, he finishes the game with a net profit of $20.

The winner may quit the game if he earns a sufficient amount and doesn’t want to risk the money won. Or he may continue the sequence of doubling until he loses. Then, he restarts the cycle.


Just like any other Roulette strategy, the Reverse Martingale system is dependent on certain factors. When you plan to use this technique in online Roulette, consider the following aspects below.

Factors that affect the Reverse Martingale Roulette strategy:

  • the starting bankroll;
  • the house edge in different game versions;
  • bet types;
  • the number of steps in progression;
  • stopping conditions (e.g., a bet reaches the allowed amount).

The starting bankroll to play Roulette by the Anti Martingale method shouldn’t be very high. Even $100 will be enough to cover the losses and keep on doubling. As for the house edge, it is not the same in the American and European game versions. The ratio is 2.7% (European) and 5.2% (American). Such a difference is the result of the double zero number in the American Roulette wheel.

The types of bets also affect your chances to succeed in Roulette using the Reverse Martingale strategy. It is because various bets come with different winning odds. You can check our Roulette odds chart for more details. The Anti Martingale system works best with even-money wagers.

The number of steps (spins) in progression also matters a lot when you gamble Roulette by the Reverse Martingale system. The risk and the expected value directly depend on the number of spins you play in a row. The expected cash returns result from long or short streaks and the game probability. The longer streaks are – the higher is the risk.

Please note! In the Anti Martingale Roulette strategy, a player sets a fixed number of steps before he starts playing. He should stop the progression when he reaches this limit. In the original Martingale system, the progression continues until the player is able to keep doubling.

casino chips.jpg

One more important aspect that also affects the Reverse Martingale strategy is the player’s ambitions. After a successful streak, you may leave stakes and earnings to accumulate (it is called “paroli”) or withdraw a part or all winnings. For example, an ambitious gambler may leave his stakes until he doubles twenty times in a row (this is called a paroli of 20), whereupon he pulls out his money.

A run of 20 is a pretty risky progression at the Roulette table. The gambling expert Horace C. Levinson shares his opinion on this matter in his book Chance, Luck, and Statistics (1963).

Levinson commented on the Reverse Martingale probability:

“The larger the number of successive wins before profit is taken out of play, the greater the amount that it is possible to win.”

We highly recommend Levinson’s book to all fans of the Roulette game.


The Anti Martingale Roulette strategy is safer than the classic system. Nevertheless, it is not perfect and has its strengths and weaknesses. The biggest advantage of the Reverse Martingale system is that you actually bet the won money. In other words, your stakes are somewhat financed by the house. If you lose, you simply wager the minimum amount and stay in a safe position.


The pitfall of the Anti-Martingale system is that Roulette players will unlikely leave the table with sizable winnings. While the probability of winning is high, the Roulette table payouts won’t be that large. The concept is understandable. The lower risk – the minor returns.

Strengths of the Anti Martingale Roulette strategy:

  • It is a newbie-friendly betting system, which is very simple to learn.
  • You may use this method on any bet.
  • The minimum amount of cash is required to start.
  • You double using money won in the previous rounds.
  • You have a lower risk of losing a large amount.

Weaknesses of the Anti Martingale Roulette strategy:

  • It is not the best betting system for high-rollers.
  • If you hit a losing streak, more wins are required to recover the balance.
  • The method is not very effective in the long term.


The Reverse Martingale and classic Martingale Roulette strategies have completely opposite concepts. That’s actually how the Reverse Martingale system got its name. Check the progression difference between these two betting systems.

Martingale system progression for Roulette

martingale progression system.jpg

Reverse Martingale system progression for Roulette

reverse martingaleroulette strategy.jpg

To decide what system suits you most, check the table below. We highlighted the primary distinctions between both these Roulette betting techniques.

Martingale and Reverse Martingale Roulette strategies comparison

Martingale Roulette strategy Reverse Martingale Roulette strategy
Relates to negative betting progression Relates to positive betting progression
It comes with a higher risk One of the safest Roulette strategies
Suits players with a sufficient bankroll A minimum bankroll is required to start
Players double a bet after a loss Players double a bet after a win
It is the best system for high wins Money returns are modest
The system is exposed to table limits Table limits don’t play a big role here

Due to the Martingale and Reverse Martingale difference sequences, these two popular strategies fit different types of casino players. The reverse system is less risky. It has a high potential to win, but returns will be lower. In contrast, the classic strategy comes with a higher risk. It can’t boast good winning odds, but the payouts will be huge.


You may use the Anti Martingale Roulette system for all types of bets. However, this betting method shows the highest efficiency on outside bets. Stakes on color (Red/Black), Even/Odd, and High/Low numbers (1-18; 19-36) are considered even-money bets. Your chance to hit a win with an outside stake is 50:50.

Hitting a winning streak with bets on color is much easier than guessing a single number. If a player is lucky to hit a successful streak, he will just use his previous winnings for the next wagers. Keep in mind that a downside of the Reverse Martingale Roulette strategy is that one potential loss may wipe out the previous wins.


winning tips roulette reverse martingale.jpg

We want to say it loud and clear that there is no perfect Roulette strategy to win for sure! This statement relates to the Reverse Martingale system as well. Please don’t believe the overall fallacy about an ideal technique that magically hit wins all the time. Roulette is the game of luck and chance firsthand. Nobody knows for sure where the ball will stop during the next spin of the Roulette wheel. Each spin outcome is random.

The goal of any Roulette winning strategy is to provide a higher probability of winning. It’s all about mathematics, statistics, and calculations. The math behind the Reverse Martingale strategy aims to minimize risks and take advantage of consecutive wins. Strategic tips can help you apply this betting technique to finish the game with a solid net profit.

Tips to play Roulette by the Reverse Martingale system:

  • Set your winning goal in advance. The riskiest approach brings the most sizable wins. But don’t be greedy to protect your bankroll from drastic losses. Decide on how many wins in a row you can play by the Anti Martingale system. Stop the progression when you reach this edge.
  • Play in short terms. This rule is linked to the previous one. The Reverse Martingale probability to hit a bet is higher after 3 consecutive losses. Similarly, a loss is expected to happen after 3 consecutive wins. Of course, wins and losses may occur 7, 8, 9, or even more times in a row. Still, playing in the short term increases your winning chances.
  • Choose even-money bets. Consecutive wins are more frequent with stakes that pay even money 1:1. Wagering on color is one of the best options to hit a win at online Roulette or live Bitcoin Roulette with real dealers. Stakes on Red or Black have a higher winning probability. The lack is modest returns.
  • Manage your bankroll wisely. As a positive progression system, the Reverse Martingale comes with low risk. But if you ignore the bankroll management rules, you are open to irrational losses when playing on real money. The best thing to do is to choose a starting stake that is under 5% of your personal losing limit.


The Reverse Martingale Roulette strategy has its proven advantages and a few pitfalls. It is a common thing with all betting systems. The main goal of the Anti-Martingale strategy is to help gamblers multiply their winnings and reduce money losses by following a strict sequence.

We advise all players at 7BitCasino to gamble with the Reverse Martingale Roulette strategy only after evaluating its pros and cons. This guide will help you decide on whether this betting method suits you personally. After that, you may apply your skills to play online Roulette with Bitcoin at the 7Bit crypto casino.


What is the Anti Martingale strategy?

The Anti Martingale strategy is also known as the Reverse Martingale. It is the popular Roulette winning system opposite of the classic Martingale strategy.

Can I apply the Reverse Martingale system in Roulette?

Yes, you may use the Reverse Martingale system to play online and live Roulette with real croupiers. Read our Reverse Martingale tutorial to know the main rules of this progressive betting technique.

How does Reverse Martingale work?

The Reverse Martingale or Anti Martingale Roulette strategy works by the following algorithm. A player doubles a stake after a win and bets the initial amount after a loss.

What are the odds of certain winning streaks in the Reverse Martingale Roulette strategy?

The odds of hitting winning streaks in online Roulette are higher with even-money bets. That is why experts recommend the Reverse Martingale strategy on Red/Black, Even/Odd, and High/Low stakes.

Which one is better - Martingale or Reverse Martingale Roulette systems?

Both the Martingale and Reverse Martingale Roulette systems have their strengths and weaknesses. The classic system is riskier but provides more generous payouts. The Reverse Martingale strategy is one of the safest, but returns will not be that huge.

Can I win at Roulette using the Anti Martingale system?

None Roulette system has a 100% winning guarantee in the game. The Anti Martingale strategy proved its efficiency over time. It is one of the oldest Roulette strategies with simple rules. Its brilliance is that gamblers need a minimum initial bankroll to start using this method.

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