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The Martingale strategy is one of the most recognized betting systems in online Roulette. Players like this technique for its simplicity. There is no need to be a math wizard to use the Martingale method in the Roulette game.

Though the Martingale system is praised by many experts and casual gamblers, this betting tactic is not for everyone. How to play Roulette with Martingale to win?! We heard that question thousands of times. That is why we created this guide.

We will explain how the Martingale strategy works and uncover its pros and cons. You can see this method in action on real-life examples. By the end, we will share secret tips to use the Martingale betting system to your advantage.


There are several theories for the origin of the Martingale strategy. The first theory states that the system was invented by the French mathematician Paul Pierre in the 18th century. Pierre came up with the hypothesis that one successful bet can turn the fortune in the player’s favor.

The second theory says the Martingale betting system was named after the British man John Henry Martindale. He was the owner of several casino establishments in the UK. Martindale allegedly advised players to raise their stakes after every failure to recover all previous losses. This technique got the name Martingale, with the letter “d” replaced into “g.”

The Martingale technique quickly became en vogue among gamblers. It spread far beyond the UK casinos. Players from different countries started to apply this betting method in such casino games as Roulette. The Martingale system is almost the only one that survived the test of time and moved to the online gambling sector.

Facts to know about the Martingale system:

  • It is popular in the heads-and-tails game. A person doubles his stake if he doesn’t guess how a coin comes up.
  • Except for Roulette, the Martingale strategy is widely used in Baccarat, Craps, and Blackjack.
  • This technique is widespread among traders.
  • The Martingale betting system is associated with the negative progression.
  • Players apply this tactic both in online and land-based casinos.
  • Due to its huge popularity, the system has expanded with several variations, like Grand and Anti Martingale.


Most gamblers like the Martingale Roulette strategy for its very simple algorithm. The core is that a player doubles his bet after a loss. This method is also known as the doubling strategy. The principle of the Double Martingale system is to recover the bankroll after losing streaks.

The Martingale betting system in online Roulette aims to help a player win the highest bet of the entire cycle. You start the game with an initial stake. If you lose a round, you increase the size of your initial stake by two times for the next spin. If you lose again, you double your bet once more, and so on. The idea is that when you win next time, you will get back the money lost in the previous rounds.

The Martingale betting system in online Roulette

In short, the Martingale strategy for Roulette works this way. Keep on losing – keep on doubling. Experienced players apply this method with color bets because the probability of hitting red or black is 50% to 50%.

To grasp the basics of the Martingale system in Roulette, you need to remember three simple steps:

  1. Set an initial stake.
  2. Double it if you lose.
  3. Restart the cycle after a win.

Please note! You don’t need to decrease or raise your bet every time you win, according to the Martingale technique rules. When you win, you bet the same amount as your initial stake. You keep doing it for all winning streaks. You increase the wager only after a loss.

The Martingale gambling strategy refers to progressive betting, i.e., negative progression. Thus, it comes with a higher risk than betting systems with positive progression. We give an in-detail explanation of the progressive and non-progressive betting methods in our guide on the best Roulette winning strategies. In this article, we explain the most popular Roulette betting systems that really work.

Let’s see how the Martingale Roulette strategy works on a particular example:

  • You start the game with a minimum stake of $5. You bet on red and lose. Your balance after this round is -$5. Next, you double your original stake amount and bid $10 for the next spin. You lose again, and your balance is already -$10. You double your bet again and bid $20 in the third round. Voila! You win this one and get $40! Your net profit after these three spins is five dollars. You return the lost $15 + $20 you put at stake and get a net profit of $5.
  • The example above shows that a payer recovered his bankroll and even made a profit. Let’s see how the Roulette Martingale system works in a longer streak.

The Martingale betting system example for Roulette

SpinBet amountOutcomeWinnings
1$1Loss– $1
2$2Loss– $3

As we can see from the table, a player doubles his stakes after two failures and bets the initial amount after he wins. The net profit after five spins of the Roulette wheel is two dollars. The player may continue this sequence as long as it fits his budget and maximum betting limits.


How the Martingale system odds work for Roulette is the burning question that worries all fans of this betting strategy. We need to clarify one important nuance. The Martingale method doesn’t affect Roulette odds.

The Martingale system doesn’t influence your winning chances in Roulette. Whether you bet will win or lose is a totally random event. It doesn’t hinge on a cold or hot hand. Nobody can predict by 100% a pocket the ball will stop at. It depends on Lady Luck only. You can use the Roulette chart to evaluate your odds with different bets. The goal of the Martingale strategy is to help bettors complete the game with a net profit.

Your odds of winning at Roulette depend on the types of bets you make. The chances and payoff also depend on whether you play European or American Roulette games. The last has a higher house edge for the second zero. In its turn, the Martingale probability aims to recover your balance after failures and leave the Roulette table with a reward.


As we already mentioned, many casino gamers adore the Roulette Martingale system for its simplicity. However, don’t forget that this method relates to progressive betting. So, it’s a risky technique. The brilliance of the Martingale strategy is that a player indeed may return his lost money after one successful spin of the Roulette wheel. A single winning bet will outrun the previous losing streaks.

The brilliance of the Martingale strategy

The pitfall of the Martingale betting system relates to the fact that win-loss results are random probabilities. Thus, a player may simply finish the game due to insufficient budget after a series of losing spins. In such a case, he won’t get the expected value of a potential win.

Another drawback of the Martingale Roulette strategy refers to the betting limits of a particular table. You may find yourself in a position when you can’t double a wager anymore because you will cross the table’s betting edge. That’s where the cycle will break.

Advantages of the Martingale Roulette system:

  • It is a very simple betting method.
  • You can set the size of your initial stake as low or high as you wish.
  • It allows you to make a good profit in the short term.
  • The Martingale system is totally legal.
  • It is an effective strategy for amateurs as it helps them get used to the Roulette table quickly.
  • It makes gameplay more fun as you don’t need to fill your head with calculations like with most other betting strategies.

 Disadvantages of the Martingale Roulette system:

  • The Martingale progression is risky in the long term.
  • You need to have a sufficient bankroll to double your stakes.
  • You may reach a table limit while doubling.


To succeed at Roulette with the Martingale method, you need to know when it shows the highest efficiency. The proven way to use this technique is with outside bets. Such stakes as Even/Odd, Black/Red, and Low/High (1-18; 19-36) pay even money.

With even-money bets, you have a 50% probability to win at each spin of the wheel. Using the Martingale system for outside bets, a player boosts his chances to make a profit on Roulette. Agree that it’s easier to win with a bet on color than to hit a single number. However, the Roulette payouts will be lower than with inside bets.

The Martingale progressive betting system doesn’t fit gamblers with a small budget. As this tactic refers to the negative progression, it may appear inefficient to players with only a hundred dollars on the balance. We advise playing online Roulette by the Martingale method if you have at least $200. In this case, set $1 as your initial amount. If you plan to bet with $5, then you will need around $1000 to keep doubling.

Martingale progressive betting system


Any Roulette betting strategy is based on math. The Martingale system mathematics analysis helps define the probability of winning the game with a net profit. To determine the expected value (E) and the variance (Var) from a one-unit bet on a simple chance and by p =19 / 37 the probability of losing a stake, use the following formula:

E (g) = 1 x (1 – p) – 1 x p = 1 – 2p = -0.027027, where

  • E refers to the expected value;
  • g refers to gain or profit.

To calculate the variance, use this formula:

Var (g) = 1² x (1 – p) + (- 1²) x p – (1 – 2p)² = 4p – 4p² = 4p x (1 – p) = 0.99927, where

  • Var refers to variance;
  • g refers to gain or profit.
math behind martingale system

The Martingale system mathematics analysis relates to the European Roulette with 37 numbers (with a single zero). However, the results can be easily transferred to the American version with 38 numbers (with double zero).

The gambling expert Norman Squire gives a brilliant and simple explanation of the math behind the Martingale system in his bestseller How to Win at Roulette: the Outstanding Book of Systems (1968).

In his book, Squire tells how to use different progressive wagering systems to beat the house. Squire also teaches to manage bets while playing Roulette by the Martingale system. The main focus of this book is to help bettors maximize their profit and minimize losses in the Roulette game.


The Martingale Roulette strategy is one of the most well-known and popular systems. No wonder that with time, it has expanded with several variations. Each of these methods has its pros and cons compared to the classic Martingale.

The Martingale system variations:

  • Reverse Martingale strategy
  • Grand Martingale system
  • Mini Martingale system

Reverse Martingale Strategy

The Reverse Martingale strategy is the opposite of the classic Martingale method. In simple words, it is the Martingale vice versa. The principle is that you double your stake after a win and decrease your wager after a loss. Some people call this strategy Anti Martingale or Paroli. The advantage of the Reverse Martingale is that it prevents epic losses. You minimize your risk of hurting your bankroll. The lack of this method is that any loss means losing all the gain received through doubling down on wins.

Grand Martingale System

The Grand Martingale Roulette system is similar to the original Martingale, with one significant exception. It is also based on doubling a wager after a loss. But this time, you add an extra bet unit to your stake. The advantage of this system is more generous returns. However, the Grand Martingale method is much riskier than the classic Martingale. After several losing streaks, you may complete the game with a zero bankroll. So, know when to stop!

Mini Martingale System

The Mini Martingale system has the same concept as the original Martingale. It also stands for increasing a stake after losing. The difference is that you have a limit on how many times in a row you can double. The advantage of the Mini Martingale technique is lower risk of drastically hurting your bankroll when you play with a “cold hand.” The downside of this tactic is lower profits. We recommend the Mini Martingale strategy to players with a modest budget.


secrets to win at roulette with Martingale

The Martingale Roulette system is considered one of the most profitable for gamblers. Its main concept is helping players regain their balance and earn a net profit by the time they leave the table. It is indeed possible to win real money at Roulette using the Martingale method. But is this betting technique truly perfect?

Brett Morton gives the precise answer to this question in his book Roulette: Playing to Win (2004):

There is no perfect system! There are near-perfect systems.”

Morton calls the Martingale strategy a near-perfect one. The expert states that only a disciplined player with strategic thinking can win consistently.

There are certain secrets to use the Martingale Roulette system to your advantage. It is confirmed that this betting technique has a much higher winning probability in the short term.

According to the Martingale statistics, the odds of hitting a win with outside stakes are 50/50. While the approximate chance of losing a bet is 0.0001% for 9 consecutive spins. The chance of a loss rises with long streaks. Thus, it is better not to gamble Roulette by the Martingale betting system in the long term.

A lot of gamblers prefer the so-called “Martingale system 3 loses” approach. It states that the method is the most effective with three consecutive losses. If you keep doubling after three failed rounds, the risk will get higher. However, some experts admit that the affordable number of losses with the Martingale method is 5. Again, it depends individually on the player’s bankroll.

Another factor that plays a significant role when playing Roulette by the Martingale system is table limits. If you select games where the table maximum is low, you will eventually bump into the situation when you can’t double any longer. Thus, play at the Roulette table, where the maximum betting limit is high enough to let you increase your next bet.

The most important tip when you use the Martingale strategy for Roulette is to know when to stop. It is the golden rule to win at Roulette regardless of how effective the betting system is. We understand that it’s challenging to beat the temptation to keep playing after several winning streaks. If it’s your case, think of the statistical analysis before placing all your chips at stake. The statistics say it loud and clear that losing a bet is inevitable in due course. So, after hitting a good win, take a break for a while.


Martingale method does it work or not?

There’ve been many disputes among Roulette experts and casual gamblers whether the Martingale strategy works or it is just an overall fallacy. What we can say for sure is that the Martingale system is practically the only one that survived the test of time. After two hundred years since its creation, this betting tactic is not losing its popularity among Roulette fans.

Here is great proof of the effectiveness of the Martingale gambling strategy for Roulette:

The man named Mr. Charles Wells managed to win 1,000,000 francs on Roulette in one European casino. The winner applied the Martingale betting system and broke the bank twelve times within a few days. The best part is that Wells wasn’t a professional gambler. He just decided to try the Martingale method for his favorite Roulette game and became an instant millionaire.

For all skeptics thinking that Roulette winning probabilities are just a myth, here is another case. In 1943, the unknown casino player won a jaw-dropping sum betting on red only. The red occurred 32 times in a row. What a lucky man!

So, our verdict about the Roulette Martingale system is the following. Yes, this strategy really works. No wonder that it has been around for centuries! However, there are several nuances to keep in mind.

Factors that affect the Martingale system efficiency:

  1. The Martingale system for Roulette is the most effective with lower stakes.
  2. The best option is to use it with outside even-money bets.
  3. It is recommended to apply this betting method for short streaks.
  4. The risk is higher when you play by the Martingale technique in the long term.
  5. To boost their winning chances, players may practice different Roulette games for free in the demo mode.


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  • American Roulette
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The Martingale Roulette strategy is successful with 50/50 bets in short streaks. It is a proven betting method to recover your bankroll after a series of losing spins and to get a net profit by the end. Still, the Martingale system comes with a certain risk. This progressive betting technique won’t fit players with small budgets. So, use it wisely and follow our expert tips to win at online Roulette.


What is the Martingale betting system?

The Martingale strategy is a popular progressive betting system. Its principle stands for doubling a bet after a loss. If you win, you bet the initial amount. The aim of the Martingale (betting system) is to help the player regain his bankroll after losses and get a net profit by the end of the game.

Does the Martingale system work in Roulette?

Yes! You may apply the Martingale system for gambling online Roulette. Read our guide to learn how to use this strategy to your advantage.

Is the Martingale strategy legal?

The Martingale strategy is totally legal. Players may feel safe applying this betting tactic to play Roulette games.

Is the Martingale system allowed in casinos?

Yes, the Martingale strategy is allowed in online and land-based casinos. Unlike card counting and similar techniques, the Martingale system is not banned. Casinos can’t restrict gamblers from using this method because it’s up to the player to decide to increase his stake at Roulette or not.

How to use the Martingale strategy for Roulette?

The Martingale Roulette strategy involves the following stages:
1. Set an initial stake amount.
2. Double it in the next round if you lose.
3. Keep doubling until you win.
4. Restart the cycle.

What is the opposite of the Martingale system?

The opposite of the Martingale system is the Reverse Martingale Roulette strategy. Its concept works in a reverse manner. A player decreases a stake after a loss and raises a wager after a victory.

Does the Martingale Roulette system affect the house edge?

The Martingale system doesn’t affect the house edge in the Roulette game. Your winning odds depend on luck. The Martingale technique helps you recover your balance after losing streaks by hitting a win with the highest bet of the cycle.

Is the Martingale Roulette strategy profitable?

The Martingale system for Roulette is profitable with even-money bets in the short term. The best option is to apply this method with Red/Black, Even/Odd, and High/Low stakes.

Can the Martingale strategy help me win at Roulette?

The Martingale strategy can help you win at Roulette with short streaks. This doubling betting method is also recommended to players with a sufficient bankroll.

Is the Martingale system effective for gambling?

The Martingale system has been used for centuries and has proved its efficiency in gambling. Just apply it wisely and follow our expert tips.

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