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Bitcoin Poker

A Bitcoin Poker is a card table game whose goal is to collect a winning combination of cards. It can be a combination of two or five cards.

During the game, the gambler must force other players to exit the game by bluffing or actually collecting combinations.

Today, this card game is in an bitcoin online casino and is called a video poker. It is also possible to play poker with bitcoins on the bitcoin poker site in real time with a live dealer. Such poker makes it possible to bet in cryptocurrency on best bitcoin poker site, which will give the player even more pleasure from the game.

Basic Poker Rules

The Bitcoin Poker Game rules are not complicated and do not require a great gaming experience. The game goes in follows:

  1. Each game in bitcoin poker online can be played with one classic deck (32 cards) or with a Spanish one (54 cards). Usually, up to ten people takes part in one game. Playing Poker slot you play solo. At the beginning of each game, the player is dealt several cards. Depending on the type of poker, this can be from 2 to 5 cards.
  2. After issuing cards, gamblers make stakes, clicking Bet in cryptocurrency. Gambler is clicking Chips to choose denomination and make bet. Bets are placed after each deal of cards. Bets in poker are called the big blind and the small blind.
  3. The whole game consists of several rounds, also called as bidding or streets. For rising your bet you can click Raise. Each round begins with the gambler making a bet or leaving the game clicking Fold.
  4. Throughout the game, the player must crowd out other opponents and collect the most winning combination. The winner is the player who remains in the game until the end and who has a better combination than the other player.
  5. The essence of the real life game is that gamblers can not select which cards their opponents have. So, Poker is a bluff and intrigue game.

You may play online bitcoin poker against a computer or life dealer. It depends on the type of Poker.

Variety of Crypto Poker

Classic poker has 9 game variations. We will consider the most popular types of poker for bitcoins that are available on 7Bit:

  1. Bitcoin Texas Hold'em is the most famous and widespread version of online poker. At the beginning of the Hold'em game, players receive two cards and make blinds (blind bets). After which the bidding takes place. With each round, the dealer reports to the table one open card, the total number of which will be 5. RTP here is 99.37%
  2. Caribbean Poker by BSG is another form of bitcoin poker game where players play against a dealer. You can play five hands in this variation. At the beginning of the game, all players make a mandatory blind bet called Ante. The goal of the game is to score a combination higher than that of the dealer. The second name for Caribbean Poker is Oasis Poker. RTP - 99.2%
  3. Multihand Poker is a game in which a gambler play with multiple hands. In the beginning, everyone receives five cards per hand. After the second distribution, they all open.
  4. Five Draw Poker is one of the oldest versions of the poker game. Most often, this poker is played at home, up to six people. Standardly play a deck of 20 cards. And bets are made after the second round. Try BSG's Five Draw Poker.
  5. Trey Poker - this variant of poker differs from the Caribbean only in that combinations are collected from only three cards. That is, you can collect such combinations as Flash or Street. RTP - about 97.8%.
  6. Bonus Poker - during the game, the dealer or the computer will hand you the cards and you can replace those cards that you fold in this issue. You may discard from 0 and up to 5 cards. RTP is very high - 99.54%.
  7. H.O.R.S.E. Poker is the most difficult kind of online poker game with bitcoins. This version includes a mix of all of the above poker games. Therefore, the player is required maximum attention and concentration.

You can bet in cryptocurrency on poker sites that accept bitcoin by providers as BSG, BGaming, and Belatra.

Poker Combination

Now consider in more detail the combinations in BTC Poker that bring you a win.

  • A Pair - is two cards of the same face value. This is considered the weakest combination in poker, and wins only if other players have nothing better.
  • Two Pairs - all the same as in the previous case, only the pair doubles. This combination is made up of a pair of cards on the table and a pair of cards in hand.
  • High card - where Ace is usually called such a card. If none of the party members has a strong combination, then the winner is determined with the help of Ace. If the gamblers have the same cards, then Kicker will come to the rescue, who determines whose combination is stronger.
  • Set - a combination of three identical cards. One of the most powerful combinations and the most frequently encountered. But with such variants, you need to do the distribution very carefully.
  • A Straight - is a combination of seniority cards. And the suit does not play a role here. Such a combination can either begin with an Ace or end with it.
  • Full House is a fairly strong combination of three and a pair. The higher the cards in combinations, the stronger the player’s hand will be.
  • Flash - a combination of cards of the same suit. It doesn’t matter which cards it is. The main thing is that they will all be of the same suit.
  • Four of a kind - is one of the three most powerful combinations, where the player collects four identical cards. The higher the map, the stronger the caret.
  • Street Flashcards collected in ascending order and of the same suit. This combination does not end with an Ace.
  • Flash Royal - is a very loud name for a combination of Street Flush. It consists of cards from Ace to tens and is not a separate combination.

How to Play Online Crypto Poker

Before you start playing bitcoin poker online, carefully study the rules of this particular kind of game. The general thing is right for each game, one thing is to collect the strongest poker hand. In total, there are 10 combinations in Poker. The combination can be collected in a few rounds, and then reveal the cards.

Before starting the game, you will be helped to study several growths, such as Call - when a player calls the bet with the opponent’s bet; Check - do not bet; Fold - discard cards; Raise - place a bet higher than the opponent; buttom dealer - is a person who deal a game. And remember - there is always a chance to win even if you are a beginner.

Tips for Blockchain Poker Game

Below are some really useful tips for a good game of online BTC poker for beginners:

  • Read the rules of the chosen poker slot game very carefully. View all combinations before starting. All the detailed instructions you find in settings of the slot.
  • Don't forget to re-evaluate your hands while playing.
  • From the very beginning of the game, decide for yourself how much money you are willing to spend and transfer money to your 7Bit account.
  • Make big bets in cryptocurrency. Some Bitcoin poker rooms have restrictions on the maximum bet, but not when you play cryptocurrency. Here you can and preferably bet from 5 euros.
  • Choose your hand correctly. It is very important with which hand you will make the first decisions in the game.
  • If you don’t have much experience in gambling, then the first time you play, fold more often. Do not immediately bet everything after the first distribution, as the opponent may have a stronger combination higher.
  • Lead an aggressive game. Behave decisively with the hands that you play even in a slot poker. It helps you to get a victory after the first fold.
  • Starting a poker game, carry the 20 minimum bets that this crypto poker room (slot) requires. For example, if the minimum buy-in is 10 euros, you need to have 200 euros with you. And be ready to pay a rake.
  • At any game of poker, it is not advisable to drink a lot of alcohol. This applies to both bitcoin online video poker and poker at land-based casinos. Alcohol will make your attention more scattered and reduce your concentration.
  • And the last piece of advice that applies not only to Bitcoin Poker games is to play for fun. Concentrate on the game, but do not forget that all this is for your enjoyment.

Play Poker with Bitcoin now

Playing bitcoins is not only convenient and fast for internet poker. You should try playing Crypto Poker for the following reasons:

Quik payout

All monetary charges are transferred to the gambler's account quickly and without waiting. You do not need to convert the currency to replenish the balance. Just use any crypto wallet and start the game.

Secure and Safe

You shouldn't worry about the security of the bitcoin game, since all bitcoin table games on the 7Bit website support the Provbly Fair system. This system allows you to independently verify the reliability of the game results by comparing the hash code that is displayed before and after the game round.


Playing cryptocurrency also provides you with complete anonymity. No need to enter your name or enter data. By doing crypto delivery, you can be sure that you will remain completely anonymous.

No Commission

At usual, bank transfers or balance replenishment from the card charge a fee. No commissions will be withdrawn replenishing the account balance in cryptocurrency. Also, you do not need to convert the crypto into another currency.

We give casino bonus in bitcoins for online poker to all new players after depositing. 7BitCasino - is a poker site that accept bitcoin. Create your account on the website and experience all the advantages of playing bitcoin poker freeroll with cryptocurrency now and start winning!

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